As someone who has played the game for countless of years, I personally started in top lane. Since I felt like if i messed up there it wouldn't impact the other players as much which was definitely true.

Just be careful though if you are still a low level you may find yourself in 2 versus 1 matchups, which is completely normal since low level players are afraid of the jungle and or can't. In those matchups I would mainly just hug your turret try to get what minions you can, just focus on surviving.

Next, for champions I use to play morgana top alot and garen. Since I found those to be very easy to learn and use, both their kits are straight forward and easy, plus even if you are behind you can still build tank and be useful for your team.

After that, honestly if you are just beginning focus on last hitting on how your champion combo's work. Don't worry to much about dying, once you get that down then you can start expanding and learning other things.

But most importantly play the role that feels the best for you, I started in top mainly because my friend showed me it and I feel in love with it. Also don't rush into ranked and feel like you need place yourself to get high "elo" I'm going to let you know right now I did that and placed Bronze 3, I managed to climb to B1. But season ended. Next season though I placed Silver 4 because I started to learn jungle more because I felt I could impact the game more frrom there. Climbed myself up to high silver, from there I went to mid since, mid lane is clearly the "dominate" lane back in the day where you could pretty much 1v5 if you got ahead enough. Got myself to G5 there.... Then shortly after I picked up the adc role since I felt everygame I went into my bot lane just sucked, so I decided to play it since I legit thought no one knew how to play the role.

Since then I met more friends that played the game, and well when we group as 5 none of them ADC ever, so I'm just sorta pushed there and I learned the role really quickly playing norms with them. Got really good at it fast.

Now I've managed to climb to D3 on playing adc only, and d3 on another account playing mid only. Right now i'm aiming to do it in the jg atm. But to take away from this, this is all over the spand of multiple years of the game and practice. S2 > onwards to now. Almost S1... at least I think I started in S1 but didn't hit 30 in it. So don't expect to be god at the game, just remember to have fun and chill out. Make those stupid plays, make those awesome ones but always try to improve and get better each game.

I've always told people there are 3 simple steps to being good at this game.

  1. Know yourself
    1. Know the enemy
      1. Know your ally

        Each one of these can be broken down into sub categories which can take years to learn. But if you don't care about being good at the game then just play to have fun!