People cannot have everything go their way. When encountering difficulties or feeling depressed, you have to find a way to solve it. Blind depression is not a solution; after all, "smart people find ways, and failed people find excuses." The matter is solved. , When you are in a good mood, you can get rid of your low mood. If you don't have a way to face and deal with it, but keep wandering in a world of low mood, then depression may quietly knock on the door.

I study music, and music is a good friend who accompanies me when I am in a bad mood. When I feel down, I will choose to be alone and find ways to drive away the unhappiness; I will pick up my "partner" - the tenor flute, and then open the sheet music and completely integrate my body, mind and soul into the tune. Don't think about those unhappy things. It was raining outside, the music sounded as I played, and the rain also danced in the music. It was so beautiful that I fell in love with it; the rain fell rhythmically, and it turned out that rain can be so romantic! I put down my flute and danced with the rain in the rain.

Everything always has its two sides. If you only look at the negatives, then even if you talk to your friends about your unhappy things, you still won't be able to get rid of your low mood. If the matter is not resolved, you won't be motivated all day long, and you will have nowhere to put your emotional garbage. As the saying goes: "It is better to sit still and talk than to take action", "It is better to rely on others to run than to rely on yourself." After you have found someone to take out your emotional garbage, it is time to roll up your sleeves and face the problem. Some people hurt themselves in extreme ways such as suicide. Instead of having such courage, it is better to face and deal with it bravely and enjoy the feeling of a brighter future after the matter is resolved.

"Mood, mood, I use pretend mood, pretend..." I like this song very much, let the mood face the sunshine and get out of the dark world. Being in a low mood is not terrible. What is terrible is that you are unwilling to come out.

I am still a student now. I often give myself some goals in life, and work hard every day to "have a dream in life, and build a solid dream", and use actions to get rid of the low mood. Continuously collecting information, looking for methods, and becoming a wise person is how I get rid of my low mood.