🚨 Confirmed airdrop backed by SEQUOIA, @Consensys, @OKX_Ventures, @GSR_io - $MYX 🚨

@MYX_Finance recently launched the Cambrian Explosion

With 20,000,000 $MYX tokens up for grabs πŸͺ‚

Open this πŸ§΅πŸ‘‡ to get all the details



- A decentralized derivatives protocol

- Attracted over 60k users during testnet

- zero slippage transactions and unmatched capital efficiency with their MPM mechanism

- Claims performance comparable to CEXs

In the following tweets let's understand their Gem System


BMYX Token Airdrop & Bonus

BMYX: a narrative inscription token launched on BTC

Reward: 3,000,000 MYX tokens (0.3% of total supply)

Bonus: Extra 20% Gem settlement bonus on the final day of the event



β€’ Participants must verify ownership of BTC and ETH wallets through signature confirmation for eligibility

β€’ Airdrop at a ratio of 1 BMYX to 0.03 MYX

At TGE: Recipients will get immediate access to 50% tokens

Remaining 50% unlockable based on campaign participation


Testnet Shells Retrospective Airdrop

Reward: 2,500,000 MYX (0.25% of the total supply)

Allocation: Refer to image

Note: Complete trading volume of 1000 USD during the campaign to unlock airdrop quota and enjoy a 15% Gem bonus on the final settlement day of the campaign



Season 1: Cambrian Explosion

Start Date: 4th March 2024

Duration: 28 days

Reward: 20 Million MYX tokens

Note: All trading fees paid by users since the mainnet launch until this event will be refunded


Cambrian Explosion Rewards

Split into three:

- Trading Rewards

- MLP Rewards

- Fleet Rewards


Trading Rewards

- MYX will settle GEMs in real-time based on users’ cumulative trading volume in tiers

- Specific calculation method detailed below


MLP Rewards

- LPs holding MLP in BTC/ETH pairs are eligible

- Daily average LP holdings determine rewards: 1 GEM for every 10 MLP held

- Settlements occur daily


Fleet Rewards

- KOLs can create Fleets

- Application via official link; capped at 50 members

- Fleet levels based on highest tier of trading volume & MLP held

- Fleet members receive 12% settlement bonus

- Gem rewards for Captain distributed in lump sum on settlement day


Campaign Settlement Rules Summarized


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