Prompt: when u lose something

When you move, it's common to lose some things - I'm living now in the apartment where my dad used to live
which was unoccupied for almost 2 years

Among all the things I have moved, I can't find my joystick
although I'm sure I brought it at some point

Also a postcard of La Catrina
by José Guadalupe Posada
I have not been able to find

A nice souvenir from my trip to Mexico in 2023.

Anyway, I regained the freedom to live alone
to enjoy the peace and quiet that a possible home can offer

You can come whenever you want.

Prompt: a special hairstyle

In 2015 I tore the ligaments and meniscus of my left knee. It happened while I was playing soccer with some friends, and from the moment I knew I had to have surgery I knew that I was going to face difficult months.

At that time I was still studying Journalism at the University and, in an exercise of doing something fun with my life -and anticipating a possible depression- I decided to dye my hair green.

As a kid, I went to a school where students could dress and be however they wanted. I grew up seeing people of all ages with colored hair, but I never took the leap. So the time came.

I did the bleaching, the coloring and dyeing myself. After green, I went through blue and red. I think expressing how we feel through our hair is a fantastic thing, and I enjoyed each of my stages, just as Picasso went through his blue and pink period.