We sometimes wonder "What does the universe have in store for us." or "What can we look forward to living in this world." These are very reasonable questions as we, as living beings, always strive to move forward and strive to make a better tomorrow. But, on the off chance that we look back, does the question "How did the universe come to be" or "Why does the world look how it looks right now?" cross our minds?

Theories upon theories from historians and scientists, trying to decipher our world, and how it came to be, pile up into mountains of intense research, grasping for an answer our minds can accept, as a conclusion of what we call a reality.

Does this apply to everyone and everywhere? What if, there's something beyond us but we can never prove that it makes sense so we don't believe it, but it existed or still exists. Is it just our little minds, that's unable to accept these facts, to shield ourselves from the madness of realization of the world's reality?

As I unfold this story, I would like to ask everyone to be as open as they can to a reality that most of us call a Fantasy. This is the reality of a world full of living beings that's just like us, surviving everyday to see tomorrow. And just like us, they live with beliefs and culture and history that was passed down from generation to generation. This is a story of how the world came to be in this place. Let me walk you into the reality this world has and the future it may possibly offer.

People on Aesor, of any race, look up to a sky that glitters and shimmers in broad daylight. These shimmering prismatic patterns give another layer of beauty to the entire world. Everybody knows what it's called and everybody knows it's a blessing to Aesor, a wonder named the "Shattered Light". What it does is not a secret, as everyone in Aesor had been told of the Dawn of the Shattered Light through songs and hymns of old, bridged over time by the Fateseekers. These types of poetry and art, had brought history, and what happened before Aesor, alive and preserved and passed down to be a known tale and never forgotten.

So, what exactly is the Shattered Light? What does it do and how does it help, if it's any help at all, or just the aesthetics?

The Shattered Light provides day, night, shelter from shadow, winds, and weather. It's aesthetic value would only be highly appreciated by the artistic and the romantics. How it came to be? That is a story I must tell you, in shattered pieces of digestible texts.

Take a deep breath and close your eyes. What you see by doing so, is most likely the beginning of something. As much as you can see with your eyes closed, that was where it all began. Just the darkness and the void of nothingness. Initially it stayed like that but, the Myst; the name for everything beyond the Shattered Light, sought out a purpose ,to be a canvas for existence and it succeeded! How you may ask? That has been a tale long buried along with its first beings As these formless beings are called the Idolons. The Idolons as the only existences of the Mysts are considered to be the first gods. ,and there were three of them filling in the void created by the Myst.

Then we ask ourselves, why three? What's the purpose and what are these three Idolons called?

The Myst or Cosmos, wanting to achieve creating life and balance, provided the ingredients and tools for anything that could possibly exist within it, to evolve and get things done. three powerful Idolons that should coexist with each other in harmony rose from the nothingness. I would like to venture into taking these three, and breathing life to their existence by telling their story.

Theoretically, the world has been always known to have polar opposites that always clash, but also always attract and repel each other. This theory had been proven a fact when two of the Idolons, that emerged from the Myst, were the Haeis of Radiance and the Vals of Shadow. Two elements on both extremes of a line.

The Haeis of Radiance, a positive existence, symbolizes light, order, and law. It is the representation of the Myst’s Radiance and serves the purpose of creating in its unique way. Opposite to it, the Vals of Shadow emits and spreads darkness, chaos and anarchy. Its existence is the epitome of shadow and it, like the Haeis of Radiance, has the purpose to create in its own way. When these two "dust clouds" first met, It wasn't an immediate struggle. They were comforted by each others existence for what can be considered as a whole 5 cosmic minutes. Then they became frenemies and full on opposites, and tried to extinguish one of each's presence to nothingness. Of course, though the Myst, as crazy as it sounds, bore polar opposites as gods to exist in the void it provided, a third Idolon, the Nameless One, silently waited and watched the interactions of the 2 other beings. In patient observation the Third observed, awaiting the promise of balance the Myst offered. All the while, the very force necessary to change reality lay at the center of the cosmos, The Heart of the Myst. The very heart beat and rhythm of existence. A force of the Mysts more powerful than the others but without a will of its own.

Haeis of Radiance
Vals of Shadow
The Nameless One

It had been an ongoing fight for eons of wanting to extinguish the other's existence and the third Idolon the Nameless one, being in the middle trying to mediate and trying to make the two others coexist in harmony.

I ask you, how long is your patience? Do you believe it has a breaking point? I think everything does and when the cup is too full of flowing water, it overflows.

Such happened to the Nameless One that balances Haeis and Vals. It came to the point of getting fed up with the fight and enough is enough, that it decided that it wants peace. And how did it think it'll achieve it? Very simple! Erase both of the clashing Idolon's existence! So it did! But before it destroyed Haeis and Vals, Vals pulled a final trick of engulfing Haeis releasing a huge veil of darkness to cover over the both of them before they got obliterated off the Myst. And such was the end of the fight between the two Idolons Haeis and Vals. The Nameless One decided to leave the Myst after the deed was done, as it thought that its purpose had been served. As for the heart of the Myst? It's reappearance would be off to be foretold later.

Does the story end there? Of course not! That would've been a boring end right? So what happened next?

You know when something is ground, pulverized and obliterated, into particles and essence of the same thing still lingers as matter cannot be destroyed but it can change shape. When Haeis and Vals were destroyed, the Myst was filled with both of their particles and what does anything that's still living do to survive? It evolves and evolves until it can have a new form that is sustainable for the environment it's given. From all the particles and essence of Vals and Haeis, the Scions emerged.

What are Scions? Can we eat them? No we cant! But I am getting very hungry at the moment. Let me take a break and come back with a Part 2 which foretells about Scions and How they're connected to Aesor.

I WILL SEE YOU ON THE NEXT PART. Not a command or a demand i must say, but a strong suggestion.