Does music have the ability to infect you? Could music function as a virus in the way the term is defined?

In the title of his work, the Polish scholar Stanisław Trzciński employed the term "sound infected" to describe the subject matter. I will now present my arguments in favour of and against the proposition.

Those who argue "for"

Without a doubt, the ability of music to influence individuals' feelings is one of the reasons that supports the use of this phrase. Sounds can reach most parts of the psyche, causing feelings of happiness, grief, or even bliss. Throughout the history of music, various examples of such influence exist, ranging from imposing symphonies to emotionally affecting songs. When we listen to music, it becomes a kind of emotional virus that infects our inner selves and causes us to experience reactions that we are not necessarily fully acquainted with.

One more argument in favour of music is that it can take the listener on a journey through time and space. Melodies, rhythms, and harmonies transport us to various ages and nations. This sound infection opens doors to other dimensions, where time flows differently and space takes on new hues and shapes. These dimensions are accessible through gates.

The arguments against

However, critics also point out instances where this term faces criticism. Not every listener may be susceptible to such a powerful infection by sound. Stanisław Trzciński describes a situation in which certain individuals see music as only a background presence, and sounds do not enter their emotions or thoughts to the extent that he describes. Some people view music as little more than a sort of entertainment, and the impact that it has on their lives is quite minor.

It's important not to undervalue the distinctive ways in which individuals approach music. It's possible that a sound that one person finds soothing can become a noise that another person finds unpleasant. Various factors, such as personal preferences, cultural variations, and life experiences, influence our perception of sounds, making not everyone equally susceptible to being affected by music.

I am "infected by music," and how about you? Spread the infectious musical illness to others!

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