Why did the internet emerge and how is it related to capitalism? According to Walter Isaacson, the first technological attempts to create a computer were made back in the Romantic era, that is, the 19th century. Many outstanding scientists and intelligent people have been working from century to century so that eventually in 1994 the World Wide Web started working and gave a possible start for the construction of the Internet and communication of hundreds and thousands of people using simple pocket devices called smartphones. In the issue of the Internet and communications, a person finds more and more new evolutionary improvements, which ultimately depends on how quickly and qualitatively technologies develop, and since Moore's Law continues to work, innovations also improve. The Internet becomes more accessible and open, more qualitative, and ultimately begins to transition to the rails of capitalization, that is, monetization. WEB2 created great communication links, built a great infrastructure, and encouraged more than 1 billion people to use the Internet. In my opinion, WEB3 aims to solve one of the tasks, which is content monetization through blockchain technologies. Of course, this is far from the ideal infrastructure we have at the moment, but this technology opens the doors to content monetization. That is, your presence on the Internet and your efforts on the Internet are converted into a certain income, which your imagination is capable of. This is somewhat a Pandora's box where you can get exactly what you are capable of or what you desire. I have always been amazed at how a person can spend hours on social networks or playing games, wasting their precious time and not getting anything in return, of course, except for some pleasure and experience, but now with blockchain technologies, this can change. How? Your content, all the games you play, your money, everything can work to increase not only your experience but also your capital. Simply monetize what you do on the Internet through WEB3 technologies. There are many opportunities that are now beginning to gain momentum. From creating memes to referral programs, from writing texts to writing code, everything is becoming a tool for the development of WEB3, and in the next few decades, we will see the development of these technologies, then of course something else will appear, and then something else, but for now it's blockchain with an open ledger of operations in the network that can be explored and understood. Over time, the technology will improve, become more secure, more reliable, and more scalable. Perhaps even a day will come when 1 billion people will join the blockchain, and I believe that you and I, friends, will witness this day. Continue to create and build for the better future and present.