In front of my house there is a Gulf stream,a very normal stream,the highest level four meters to the surface will be wide,the water hours a strong,all of a sudden will be able to jump past,see the long lines of willows and a whirling small peach trees,the other side of the production team of Daejeon.All this is as usual.However,I like it very much.Spring,like a luminous stream of white belt.Daliushu light to float a leisurely shoot fine.Xiaocaohu 3322 of unknown mixed with wildflowers,yellow,light blue,pink,micro-purple,like a flash flash stars.the other side of a large reflection of the cauliflower in water,just as the golden horizon of the carpet.that a group of cute little fish,now floating in the water,dive into the water a moment,a moment that a piece of polyethylene,while their spread .These tiny fish,most of them only half as big match stick,his eyes are large and black,together with the body is transparent,well look,like a piece of flashing colon The heat of summer,here is my most comfortable place to rest,the two sides have already grown willow un only fishes continuously through the sun ,leakage to the surface,the needles seem to support teams.

  Noon When the cicada and shouting "hot - hot -" I will be holding a book,sit under relying on the trunk,and let the water cool touch my leg,suddenly,the cool comfortable feeling from all over the body at the foot of Bay.Hey,how should the United States and the United States.look at the stream,the that the water,like soft,thin belt,while in the water floating light and curly,while Shu has started to gesticulate even the United States.In some cases,neighbors came to the small boy in the stream,while at the pier or in the bushes in touch will touch a number of small shrimp crab,so they will have to give the spoils of war high,the merry laughter of the stream shaman.Ah,home of the stream,a very unusual and very beautiful stream.