Capitalism has many advantages in this world, and when combined with democracy and individualism, it can potentially offer a person a momentary pill of oblivion, where all the worries and fears of this world dissipate, and the sky is adorned with only diamonds, sapphires, and rubies. However, we all know well that this is just a fleeting illusion that offers nothing but temporary escape and distraction from the real problems of this world. Cryptocurrency aims to offer humanity two pills: one leading to innovation and greater prosperity for all, not just a select few, and the other to create as many illusions as possible. This unique matrix allows each individual (though perhaps not everyone, as trusting in one's individuality is essential to making a conscious choice) to make a decision. And this choice will shape you as an individual. Of course, one should never judge a person for their choice.

So, when we embark on the path to wealth, we face many trials, not so much related to the possibility of losing all the accumulated capital, but also the risk of getting lost in the labyrinth of others' thoughts and illusory promises. To truly enjoy wealth, one must know how to do so, not just earn a pile of money without knowing what to do with it afterward, or worse, be entirely dependent on making even more money. You must answer a simple question for yourself: how much money do you need to be happy? If it's a million, then let it be a million; if it's a billion, then let it be a billion. But if you have enough with a million and relentlessly strive to acquire more without deriving any joy from it, then that's already a form of dependency, which, in my opinion, lacks natural harmony. Many may disagree, arguing that money is also a part of nature... in a way. Although money is part of the capitalist world we live in, and since we are part of the whole, we must abide by these rules of the game. Sometimes rules can be broken, but these are exceptional cases that we may recognize later. So, capitalism has given us certain privileges and goals. On the path to these goals, we encounter fierce beasts and harsh trials. No path is without trials. It's as if we create them ourselves, yet at the same time, we look upwards, hoping for answers to these complex social and not only questions.

What leads a person to disregard another person on the path to wealth or be willing to give up family, children, health (which I do not recommend) to achieve a dream goal. In my view, there are goals that make a person more beautiful, courageous, noble, wise... and there are goals that force a person to twist their soul and walk crooked paths, which is also each person's choice.

So now, as the bull market in cryptocurrencies begins (and it's unknown how long it will last), determine how much you want to earn in this cycle without losing the taste and love for life as it is.

I enjoy exploring the world of cryptocurrencies, these new innovative technologies that scream about their extraordinary possibilities from every corner. One must learn to distinguish between hype and long-term trends. Hype appears and disappears quickly unlike a trend. In such a case, it is better to look for trends to follow or even create trends yourself, which in essence is a certain knowledge and skill. I lack many skills in this world, but I definitely do not want to lose myself, my individuality, on the tumultuous path of the capitalist machine. Is it possible to use this machine for your own purposes? Absolutely, but where your goals intersect and a balance of forces emerges, there may be a certain synergy. You must be aware of yourself in this mechanism of thoughts and ideas, otherwise you will become a tool in someone else's hands, which is not entirely right. Therefore, first of all, I wish you to find the path to your own heart, and only then to the capitalist carousel. When you understand what you want most in life, then capital will come to your aid in achieving this goal. I wish you clear and smooth sailing.