April 15, 1977, was an ordinary day on the almanac.

That day was sunny and windy, cloudless, the sky was as blue as porcelain, and the whole of South China was exposed to the clear sunshine...

At three-thirty in the afternoon, a column of condensed white air appeared in the sky, diagonally drawing an extremely long scar in the sky. White rainbow piercing the sky? But it was not a rainbow, but a slightly weird air pillar. Some people on the ground had noticed the sky above their heads and looked up one after another. Soon a guy who claimed to be well-informed shouted: "What are you looking at? It's just a jet plane."

People on the ground cannot see the source of the white air column. So I don't know how long the air column in the sky is, but it actually originated from the other side of the strait thousands of miles away.

Half an hour after the air column was formed, a sudden strong wind blew up on the streets of Taipei. The leaves rolled and abandoned the branches, raindrops fell, and the motorcycles struggled to move forward on the slippery ground.

In this month of this year, the island began to implement the detailed rules for the equalization of land rights. Real estate developers and landowners have their own worries and joys.

The thatched grass on Yangming Mountain outside the city all fell to the north. The tips of the grass were like swords, full of murderous intent. The mountain hot springs also seemed to be attracted by some kind of force. The temperature was slowly rising. A middle-aged man with a half-bald head and slightly fat body shouted and ran out of the hot springs. Fortunately, there were few people bathing in the hot spring at this time, but seeing the bubbles in the spring bursting out suddenly made the administrator on the side stare straight in the eyes.

A white column of air streaked across the sky over China, but the strange phenomenon below only appeared after a while. So, along that mysterious trajectory, from Taipei, Fuzhou, Nanping, Nanchang, Jiujiang, Wuhan... there were heavy rains, thunder and lightning.

The clear water in the strait began to gradually become restless, and the waves rose from the sky, causing the fishing boat to rock. However, no one noticed that there was a stowaway in the sea holding a wooden box and struggling to float.

Chen Shuping is a mathematics teacher at Jiujiang No. 2 Middle School, and he belongs to the group of people who have just been betrayed. At this time, he was working on a voluntary basis with his students, listening to "Chairman Hua..." coming from the loudspeaker, and thinking about the two ordinary things that had been published in the People's Daily and Red Flag last month, this ordinary teacher couldn't help but laugh. got up. He stood on the river embankment and looked at the strange scene above his head. The thick lenses of his glasses reflected his puzzled eyes. Suddenly, a drop of rain quietly fell down and landed on his eyebrows.

Meteorological experts will definitely be stunned and wonder how this cloud pillar in the sky suddenly arrived.

Fortunately, the cloud pillar gradually disappeared into the blue sky, and everything on the ground gradually returned to normal.

And when the white cloud pillar finally dispersed, an explosion occurred outside a small city in the mountains of western Hubei.

The explosion site was a large pit, three meters deep and three meters wide. Nothing was found in the pit, only a large piece of granite that was burnt black and burnt was exposed at the bottom. The officer from the People's Armed Forces Department who came after the incident circled the pit three times, and then reported to his superiors that the ball lightning had detonated the detonators used by fishermen to fry fish.

As a result, the local government launched a vigorous educational campaign on prohibiting dangerous fishing. Many types of detonators and explosives were found, and they were piled up into a small mountain on the playground in Chengguan County.

No one noticed that two hundred meters outside the pit, there was an old man scavenging. He was cooking porridge in a black and broken pot while looking at the smelly and dirty bed with a loving face.

There was a baby lying on the bed, with a rosy face and swaying eyes. He looked clean and dustless and extremely cute.