NumerAI is the Kaggle of the decentralized world. Kaggle is a data science challenge platform where millions of data scientist all over the world can compete for cash prize on crunching data of sample data sets from companies. However, NumerAI is built to run in production, where data scientist can earn passive income from their prediction models instead of a one off prize structure.

They launched right before market crash in 2017 where they had an all time high of $51.92, then they reached a new all time high in 2021 at $93.15, now they are currently trading at $50, and I believe they are in position to get to an all time high this time around especially with the trend in the DeAI narrative. I'm expecting a fully diluted market cap to reach about $3B this time around, which mean a 5X from this point. I already made an allocation.

Thus far my list of solid DeAI project is pretty slim: 1) BitTensor - $TAO, 2) Jackal - $JKL, 3) The Graph - $GRT, 4) Numerai - $NMR, and 5) Allora & WeaveChain (both of which are pre-TGE).


I am Crypto Rookies a crypto investor, serial entrepreneur in Artificial Intelligence and Web3/crypto with expertise in tokenomics and market making. Currently CEO of Smooth, which focuses on solving the problem of 95% of crypto-currencies failing in their first 2 years.

Smooth prevent such failure by:

1) Community building with AI (don’t waste money on marketing & influencers)

2) SEC-compliant Tokenomics

3) Market Making (hybrid between stablecoins & altcoins)

4) Treasury management (10%-100% APY depending on risk)

My medium blog channel generates 10,000+ views per month on the topic of tokenomics and crypto investments, so if you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please reach out to Crypto Rookies.

Meanwhile, please feel free to join the various communities I am involved in and do not hesitate to reach out.

  1. Twitter
  2. YouTube with Cyrator and Mikhail Yergen
  3. Cyrator (a transparent and reliable token review/ranking community where anyone can join, contribute and earn)

Also check out some of the early stage crypto assets that I’m actively using:

  1. GRVT, it’s a Decentralized zk-powered crypto exchange.
  2. MarginFi, it’s a peer-to-peer lending protocol on Solana.
  3. Drift, it’s a Decentralized crypto exchange on Solana.
  4. Swell, it’s a liquid staking protocol to use in conjunction with EigenLayer.
  5. Linea, a layer 2 protocol of Ethereum using ZK technology
  6. GetGrass, a DePIN project for shared internet bandwidth with an upcoming data labeling system

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