I was reading this beautiful post by TheExtroverted Introspect earlier this week. There's so many thoughts and fuzzy feelings I have about it! There's also so many thoughts and fuzzy feelings I have about T2 as a medium (and a medium a couple of my dear friends are creating at that!). So, I could dedicate entire blogs to capture and celebrate these feelings.

But then again, that wouldn't make me the truly sceptical, cynical, jaded human I am now, will it? :D So, in true Rob Swanson style, I am going to go ahead and dedicate my first ever post about T2 to complaining! You'd think my dear friends who are dedicating this part of their lives to building out this platform will be mad at me... But...

  • They're amazing! They would welcome feedback! I know this for a fact. So, please go ahead and complain too maybe?
    • But of course, you should think twice about complaining. Because, hey, you are here and using it too. Isn't it super-seamless for a new new platform? So, by complaining you will only come off as an ungrateful human. And yes, I may come off like that but since these are good friends who know me to be such, I think even if they're a teensy bit upset with my complaining, they will be able to overlook it and still love me at the end of the day.
      • Most importantly, isn't the platform amazing? I am sure the success of the platform so far has given them all the security they need when they hear this ungrateful child in me go about ranting.

        So, well. Here we go! Some questions / thoughts I had as I was reading "Connectedness":

        • OMG this is so beautiful! Why can't I highlight or reply to this particular line like I can in Medium?
          • Can I recommend this post? Like beyond sending a link outside T2 to a friend who also uses T2 (and writes with me here).
            • Aww what a beautiful post! I wonder if T2, the platform, could've suggested this to me based on interests instead of me having to find it by chance!
              • Territories are fun! But what about tags, etc that go beyond territories?
                • I scrolled through and read it in less than 5 minutes-- feels a bit unfair that timepoints don't reflect my true engagement and how much I have thought about it since no?
                  • Oh, I want to write a response post to this post... How can I loop this post in, tag the author, get their permission, etc? Could I co-write?
                    • OMG, TheExtroverted Introvert just commented on a prompt in our territory! Can we make them co-admin of our territory? Actually, I am not even co-admin yet! Whyyyyy!

                      Of course, as you are reading you maybe thinking that these are all features of a post-beta version of a platform. And for sure, this is in the roadmap for T2! I hear you and I believe you. Then why am I still complaining? Well, it's #FriendsWhoWrite and I got nothing else. So, while y'all sit there and make this platform beautiful, meaningful, here I am spambotting :P

                      But maybe, just maybe, writing all this out and then continuing to write 1000 words per week or 200 words every weekday the rest of this month, will get all the bad writing out of me, that I will finally write something meaningful? Or, I will find out that I got no 'good' writing in me and give up ha. We never know! Here's to finding out! Excited to be part of this public experiment! <3