Side by side, the trees moved, dancing like a ballet dancer with a million views as it found its way into the mud underworld cave Bella was kept in. The room she was kept in had some odd smell to it like it is meant for a latrine, and as the breeze blew in, the wind touched the chain, holding both her hands and feet in zigzag.

Lost in sleep, the sound of chain rattling jolted Bella from sleep. Opening her eyes as gently as she could, she tried standing up only to realize that she was trapped. "Well, I'll just have to wait for him to send for me", she mumbled quietly before closing her eyes again.

Looking around the pithole she's in, she spat from the stench that emanated from the other caves. "If I don't die of hunger, I'll surely die of smell." She mumbled quietly.
Having nothing to do, she sat on the rough floor with her tattered cloth as she awaited one of the minions to unchain her. Some minutes passed as Bella waited and just as she was about to give up to the thought of spending the day caved in, the sound of the creaking wood being lifted was heard, and it made her heart skip a beat.

"Here comes the mini demon." She chuckled briefly. "I hope today won't turn out that bad..." she added before laughing. That bad? Her conscience mocked.

Rolling her eyes, she saw the shadow of the figure before he came in and grabbed her petite body up with much effort deemed unnecessary.

- "The boss needs you now." The minnion gruff voice said sternly.

With a mild smirk on her lips, she got the unsaid message in his tone, which screams, "Do as you are told." With a larger curve of her lips, she chuckled again. "Me? Like that is possible." She wanted to say but kept her cool as she needed to be let out of this cave before she loses her mind. Holding her tightly like a kid, he pushed her forward before unlocking the chains on her as he led her toward her doom once more.

Drawing her out of her cage as if she were a pig, the minion pushed her body toward the outside world. The sun was the first object of her dismay as she squinted her eyes to adjust to her surroundings. The scorching sun hit her exposed skin, causing her to cuss on mother nature. With legs too tired to move, she walked like a drunkard towards where the minnion led her and then... she saw him. The boss or more the smelly twat, as she calls him and beside him was Ariana in her slave wear of outmost nakedness with a cloth wrapped around her waist and chest.

Rolling her eyes for the umpteenth time at the boss, she felt a hard push on her frail body, which landed her right at the boss's feet. Turning her head, she eyed the minnion with every zeal of hate she could muster up from her system, but before she could finish her assesment, an electrificying sound made it to her cheek. It was a familiar touch, and she spat out blood before smiling at the boss with killer eyes.

"You never seem to learn." The boss's frog like voice said with so much venom. However, Bella wasn't having it. But before she could give him some of her sweet remarks, her eyes met with Ariana again, and she couldn't help but swallow her words.

Ariana has always been there for her, from keeping her spirit high when she's down to cleaning her bloody body after being lashed at for not doing anything right, which mostly isn't her fault. It isn't like she asked any god or goddess out there to be clumsy. It is just a born trait she is glad she has.

However, her train of thought was cut short, and her breath hitched when she heard the next statement from the boss.
"Seems you've started learning your place on the ground. I'd advise you to do that well, for I want no backlash from the King. You should be grateful that after all these years, you'll be living here for greater evil." He laughed maniacly, showing his rotten teeth.

Walking closer to her, he bent his knee as he held her with his hands. "I must confess that I don't like the fact that you're leaving. I am just starting to enjoy the money your voice brings to my table since that's the only thing you can do right." He spat before standing up to stare at Ariana.

"Slave, clean her up, and get her ready to sing for the king's men before she leaves with them." The boss ordered before turning to face Bella. With an evil smirk, he looked at her body before giving that evil smirk of his, and with that, he kicked her straight in the lower abdomen. "You didn't bend well." He said before walking off.

Not caring about the pain inflicted on her, her thoughts went crazy. "The king wants me?" She questioned herself. "Why would the King want me? Oh, no!" She screamed. "Why would the king want me?" She questioned again and again until her consciousness gave her the obvious answer.

- The King must want her because of her voice. Her heart beat rapidly as she came to a conclusion. Strange tears stained her eyelids as she cursed her fate.

"I am done for!" She screamed internally. "I shouldn't have hummed... If... if I hadn't hummed just some nights ago because I was sad, people would have continued seeing me as a waste of time." She murmured before staring straight at the sun. The heat from the sun burned her eyes. It was almost blindening, but she didn't care.

"I'd rather prefer this hellish place to the King's palace. I won't be among those to witness his dark magic..." The king is cruel that even the supernatural beings are scared of him. Why shouldn't she be? She questioned the universe. Why have fate decided to take her from frying pan to fire? She cussed endlessly before hugging the floor where her body laid.

A gentle touch on her shoulder brought her back to reality. But she was too tired to rise to face her new world, so she hugged the floor more before Ariana carefully lifted her up to prepare her for the true hell.