because of love

He and she achieved the fruit of love

Your cries broke the silent night

Announce the birth of new life to the world


because of maternal love

she gave everything

No matter spring, summer, autumn or winter

to be with you


because of care

she learned

Put all your efforts into it

A journey devoted to love


because of friendship

She understands the meaning of life

Society needs harmonious development

Helping others is to sublimate yourself


seeds of love

Spread in all directions

When spring comes, flowers bloom

Make people smile


every ray of sunshine

Will give people warmth

every drop of dew

Will nourish the buds of love


You left your mother's arms

Go to the end of the world alone

Toward you the ocean of love

Receive water from all over the world


You welcome the morning glow

Work on your own land

No matter how hot or cold it is

See the fruits