I have loved reading books since I was a child, and I have always been addicted to books. I have read the books at home several times, but they cannot satisfy my desire for knowledge. People who love reading will always like to go on a "treasure hunt" in the library - seeking treasures of knowledge, and I am one of them.

My ideal library not only has a variety of books in different categories on the shelves, but also has a computer that can be read wirelessly and books can be borrowed for an unlimited period. It also has a smart robot that can clean the library regularly, order new books, and recycle old books. Handle appropriately. My ideal library has a spacious and bright reading space, which is different from ordinary desks and chairs. I like to have comfortable sofas, soft bones to relax lazily, and an independent space where no one can be disturbed. Every room in the library This book is equipped with the same set of audio books. When your eyes are tired of reading, just press the button next to the position and the content of the story will be played in your ears. There is a special dining area next to the reading room, which has beautiful light music and scenes from fairy tales. After enriching the spiritual food, you also need to comfort your already hungry belly. You only need to read ten books to get free of charge. Have some afternoon tea. Among these piles of books, I would always be fascinated by reading and forget the time. Every time I would rush back to the classroom in a panic. If every classroom had a human body conveyor, I would send people there as long as I stood still. , ha! This way you don’t have to worry about being late.