What happened to that Manifesto

Okay let me start by saying that manifesto I was over zealous. I will say though I went heavy on the twitter spaces learning ALOT. I wrote a few more articles as well. I just could not keep up with an everyday thing I am not sure who exactly i thought i was but that was not it.

Whats new these days?

I have dropped like 12 Music NFTs. I joined a few communities like Loser Club, A kid Called Beast, and y00ts. I moved from Los Angeles to Texas, long story short i am saving up money to move to Spain. I am working on my company Feras Circle which will be a tech incubator as well as an Ad Agency. I un-ironically am trying to be the biggest music creator on Lens and the best way for me to know to do that is write a lot. Im writing a book its fiction about vampires.

What is next?

I really have been in a writing mood lately so i will do my best to go search and create articles around Music, Creators, New Apps, Protocols etc. I want to get back into my "journalism" which is really just a way to network while pushing brands. I wanna fill holes in places I have noticed them. Since I am not a technical person I have been on the search for someone that wants to help me with an idea of an app I have so thats on the docket to do at some point.

How can you help?

Glad you asked, honestly you can help by just following me on lens and engaging with my post. Currently i try to make all my post collectible with $BONSAI or $pointless, and if you mirror those collectible post and someone claims from your mirror you will gain the profit and not me. Its something Stani started and I took the page and ran with it.

Now back to how you can help. If you are a builder wanting to build on lens / optimism and in the social / music realm I am always available to talk. If you are any artist, creator, or honestly anyone looking to get an article made I am more than happy to sit down and see what i can do for you. If you know what VCs are looking for currently in the crypto space that is helpful. Even just telling me what kind of articles i should write I am not the best and so I am just trying to do my best at getting the hang of it.

Closing Statements

Its airdrop season so be careful signing things do not get drained please. Listen to some new music if you have been in web3 go talk to someone not in web3 and teach them how it works.

All in All have fun live you life, love your self and think happy thoughts

With love