As we are starting this modern phase trying with all the precautions we can take still there's something we can't fade

that's inside all of us, around all of us , beyond our imagination which is killing 'US",

The unwanted willer to pick every morning the Silent Killer.

So what is it actually ? and how its around all of us and even after getting the right info we cant fade it

deny it or stop it? Does that don't have a cure? or its just us whos making it more

Gives us pleasure and Pain , can send people in vain , can build someone's life , can destroy somebody else

can made you read this message , or leave you at the same place where you at before this lights things up .

With the growing modern world i guess its only pushing back

From fake people to faking the life they live

It's all in there

It's called the "Technology"

You might thought or wonder why this topic has been raised here even though you are using one typing and reading this

but let me tell you there's always a two side on a coin

so its here too

Remember the last time you heard or seen people cheating on their life partners just because they got bored or their

character was build in that way? Remember the last time this technology took somebody's live just because their expectations

didn't got fulfilled according to the hype of social media they surf on

So we can all get what things are upto

with no consent it can build people or just kill us

and in this modern world more than building all i can see is that its killing people from inside out

motivating them to growth but with not expected results coming out they might slowly kill them from inside

its the Harsh truth we all should accept

with the growing payment system see how many inoccent's lives got scammed in the name of get quick rich scheme

and wanna know why they gone for that scheme in the first place ? its the social media

its so much fake it can even question your own existence,sounds relatable right?

If Sounds right can you see how the world has changed because of it?

On both sides either its good or bad


I see you came until here that means you are bond to the topics i am covering and somewhere you are reading this

because its the most relatable things we can say it today or the day until it gets fixed

It influenced people on so many bad things i cant even explain every single one right here

From giving people short term pleasures to influence them to become an animal or anything

This is the worst phase we are going through and we might see more to come as this is a kind of virus

that's making people woke and not taking responsibilities to just act as a normal human

People are actually getting scammed on a free gift card or even just on a call they are being getting looted

with so politeness and easyness that we cant even think of the pain.

The Silent KIller

making us all doubt our lives and being normal is just getting hard

by the time people will realise how they lost their self respect and dignity just for some social media views

that will be too late

Save the ones who are on the way to lost theirs

Choose peace over everything

either its male or female

Just choose peace because its already toxic out there in the tech world either its a corporate job or just hanging around

some shorts videos

stay hydrated and avoid adult contents fix the mind and brain its the worst thing if avoided not to get fixed


The classy infrastucture or electric vehicls does that all worth it if we are not even structured good from inside

absolutely nothing will and does matter if are getting manipulated every single day

Recently i saw a news regarding some Docs using AI operated robots and because it got malfunctioned it made the person unalive

whats the point of getting all these tech when its meant to be hurt the end?

We should see the both side even though its all tested 100 times all the time

would you trust your doc or just an AI which is built by humans only?

i mean everytime you will trust the Human right because it has atleast some emotions to get if something is getting in the wrong direction

Whats even the point to trust these tech ?


Build something people should have faith on just like the lens protocl team

i am with them from almost beginng of the show

so many years after so many ups and downs they built this proper mechanism where no scammers or anything like that

can grow on large scale !

this is the beauty we want to see in the tech field

not just cash grab from people and disappear

this is the need of the hour to take responsibility to see our siblings or children what they are watching

or getting influenced from

because it has the power to change people's decision and some might can become the worst criminals or even humans!


Go right now and take the oath to see upto your people if they are watching atleast right content just like you are reading this

its build and binded for you to become either a good human or justa prepdator with bad instentions
  • its all dirt in the mind of current generation no matte the age gap it might can be in your house or anybody's close to you

    Use the tech as it was build to get utilized "For the good will for human race"

    or else its the worst time ahead

    And the regrets are waiting not to go so easily


    Watch-out "Watchful Protector"Signing off