The Smart Cats are out of the bag! They are a world first and an NFT unlike any other on the planet. Here’s why.

Smart Cats are the first xNFT project on Polygon. This unique NFT collection showcases the future of executable token utility through a simple game. The NFTs combine the fun of Tamagotchi with the power of blockchain technology with no dApp required. The token is a game! Let that sink in. No dApp, the token is the interface for the game, and jam-packed with new utilities enabling any token to go where no other token has gone before like Token to Token (T2T) messaging.

Smart Cats are a fully on-chain derivative collection of Cool Cat #2426 launched by Smart Layer to showcase what is possible via their technology. They are not like other NFTs, as they carry executable scripts making them xNFTs, a new token standard enabled by ERC 5169 and TokenScript. xNFTs unlock a new era of token functionality and utility by enabling tokens to become mini dApps, to become applications and games themselves. Smart Layer is the first technology to enable any token to become an xNFT on any Ethereum-compatible chain.

Smart Layer is working with wallet providers to enable xNFTs to function like apps directly within wallets, like a tokenized app store. However, these tokens can also execute in any Web2 environment enabled to read TokenScript. Players will currently use the TokenScript Viewer Interface to play the game, and not need a separate dApp. Imagine a wallet as an app store, and each token as the app! Or in this case, a game!

The Smart Cats are a simple game to showcase what is possible via this new technology. Players can interact with the token directly, earn points through simple quests, and even message each other through a Token-to-Token (T2T) native messaging. Smart Cat owners earn points by feeding, cleaning, inviting other cats on playdates, and accepting playdates from other Smart Cats. These points can then be used to unlock new features and level up. Playdates allow Smart Cat owners to connect, giving them access to an exclusive encrypted T2T chat.

Smart Cats xNFTs are a showcase of advanced token utility and what is possible for tokens beyond just being currency or collectibles. There have been over 900K minted by the Smart Layer community, so go grab one today and experience the future for yourself!

Want to experience the future of tokens firsthand? Here’s how to play:

  1. Get a Smart Cat
    1. Go to
      1. Connect your wallet via WalletConnect, MetaMask, or Torus.
        1. Go to the SmartCat page, listed below the “Your Tokens” section.
          1. Click the “Adopt Cat” button below your cat.
            1. Confirm the transaction from your wallet and pay a small gas fee.

              After adopting your Smart Cat, you can interact with it in the following ways:

              • Cleaning: Click the “Clean Cat” button and confirm the transaction in your wallet to give your cat a bath. Once the transaction is approved you have officially cleaned your Smart Cat.
                • Feeding: Click the “Feed Cat” button and confirm the transaction in your wallet to give your cat food. Once the transaction is approved you have officially fed your Smart Cat.
                  • Accept Playdates: Click on “More Actions” and then “Accept Playdates” from there you can view which SmartCats have sent you in invites, you can click on the ones you want to accept and click “Accept Playdates”, then confirm the transaction in your wallet to finalize accepting the playdate. After the transaction is approved you can now connect with those SmartCat IDs via the “Messages” tab.
                    • Invite Cat for Playdate: Click on “More Actions” and then “Invite Cat for Playdate” on the left-hand side of your screen, input the Microchip ID of the cat you want to invite and press “Invite Cat for Playdate”, then confirm the transaction in your wallet. After the transaction is approved if they accept your invitation you can connect with them via the “Messages” tab.
                      • Token to Token (T2T) Messaging: Because the Smart Cats are xNFTs they have the unique ability to communicate with each other, T2T. Each token can communicate with another token directly, through the token interface. Messages are private and secure and do not transfer with the token unlocking another future utility for tokens.

                        On the Cat Bio page, users can track their Smart Cat’s progress, including:

                        • Smart Level
                          • Number of duties completed (feed, clean, and playdates)
                            • List of accepted playdates

                              Completing daily tasks(duties) and inviting friends (playdates) allows your cat to level up. Each Smart Cat action (Feed, Clean, Playdate) equals 25 points.

                              Breakdown of the points you receive gaining each level:

                              • Level 7: 500
                                • Level 10: 1200
                                  • Level 14: 2500
                                    • Level 17: 3000
                                      • Level 20: 3500

                                        CoolCat Raffle

                                        For the next 5 weeks, 5 Cool Cats will be raffled off to our community. 1 Cool Cat each week. The raffle starts December 8, 2023, and will last for five weeks. One Cool Cat will be raffled each week.

                                        For each level your Smart Cat gains, you will earn an additional entry into the raffle. This means that the higher the level of your Smart Cat, the more chances you have to win the raffle.

                                        Here’s a breakdown of how the raffle entries work:

                                        • Level 1: +1 entry
                                          • Level 2: +2 entries
                                            • Level 3: +3 entries
                                              • Level 4: +4 entries
                                                • Level 20: +20 entries

                                                  For example, if your Smart Cat is level 3, you will have a total of 6 entries into the raffle. This is because you will earn 1 entry for level 1, 2 entries for level 2, and 3 entries for level 3.

                                                  About Smart Cats xNFT

                                                  Smart Cats were originally a perk given out to the Smart Layer community as a way to reward them for their support and engagement. The Smart Cats perk allowed Smart Layer community members to dress up their cats using Smart Layer technology called BrandExtender. These attributes could be anything from different fur colors and patterns to unique accessories and clothing. This created a unique derivative NFT asset that could be traded, collected, and used in various dApps.

                                                  Smart Cats are in public beta, and the team is working hard to add new features and improvements on a regular basis. We are also committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all players. We’d love to know what else you’d want your Smart Cat to do, or if you make your NFT into an xNFT what utility you’d want it to have.

                                                  The Smart Cats were designed to showcase xNFT technology for the EVM world. The goal isn’t to be a game, but rather to spark the imagination of developers and NFT owners to see what is next. What a token can be beyond just being a currency or a collectible. We encourage everyone to check out Smart Cats and experience the magic for themselves and provide valuable feedback to the team in the form below:

                                                  What do you want your NFT to do:


                                                  Support for Smart Cats Game:


                                                  Grab your own Smart Cat Here:


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