I decided to share a short description of the story I'll be sharing for this month.

Bella has always been clumsy all her life. No one wanted her, and she didn't mind it a bit, not until the King's men arrived to take her to the King.

However, things took a wild turn for the petite lady on her journey. She isn't what she thought herself to be anymore when the Dragon Lord came into her life. She realized her true potential. A life more than her imagination awaits her. A battle of endless painful death, which she may cause.

Will she be able to fight the darkness in her? Or will the darkness consume her and those she loves?

Find out the journey of the Last Heir towards conquering the world and someone she fears the most.
The first chapter will be out on the 8th of March, and I can't wait to start letting them out.

It'll would be great to get your feedback on what has been written.

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@Balikis95 on Discord.