The afterglow of the setting sun poured onto the wide streets, and the camphor trees and tall buildings on the streets were also coated with a layer of gold. The scenery on the street is very light and warm. A gust of wind blew, the branches swayed, and the air was filled with the strong fragrance of camphor trees. Although it is already June, the reward is not high. It may be because it rained yesterday and the air is fresh and refreshing. Walking alone on the sidewalk quietly, watching the various behaviors of passers-by, the brilliant sunset, listening to the gentle breeze flowing, the tired birds returning home, and feeling the slippage of time and the calmness of life. My thoughts are floating and my thoughts are like the wind. I am a person with a lot of concerns, a person with profound and simple thoughts. Work, live, read, occasionally write indistinct essays, entertain myself, and live a carefree life. Life is lonely, but not lonely. The days are quiet, in the desert, without fighting against the world. Savor the tranquility and beauty of life.