The first one, very simple, is that the new chives have come in, and the total amount of U donated in the cryptocurrency circle has reached 130 billion, with the most being USDT. Last year, this number was less than 100 billion. The additional 30 billion. Needless to say, it was the new chives who recharged it in

If we give an unpleasant analogy, say that the cryptocurrency industry is an entertainment venue, then it has attracted 30% more tourists

At present, technically speaking, it can be said that it is still in this bear market

If after a technical bull market, based on experience, the amount of funds in the cryptocurrency market needs to increase by more than 10 times, which is over 100 billion yuan. I'm talking about U, not the total market value. There is a relationship between U and total market value, and you can figure it out for yourself. What is the relationship

The second part of the money is a typical example of a new coin issuance project. The $STRK and $W in the past two days, as well as the OP, ARB, and WLD in the past two years, are all included

Coins are money, assets are money, goods are all money, and things are all money

However, please note that this place must be noted, provided that these "items" are wanted by someone, not purely produced, and no one wants them. If I make a movie and someone watches it, it's money; If I develop a game that is played by someone, it is also money; But if I make a dark dish and no one dares to eat it, it's not money, it's garbage

The third part of the money, derivatives and renewable currencies. In addition to the already popular borrowing and lending Aave in the previous round, the biggest feature of this bull market is LSD, Ethereum staking, and projects like Lido

Of course, you don't need Lido, you can also set up your own nodes to pledge $ETH, and $STRK has specially sent airdrops to these small workshop type Ethereum pledge nodes

There is a very popular re pledge project called Eigenlayer recently. What it means is, aren't your $ETH pledged to Lido as a node security deposit? Don't let the money idle - of course not idle, the node already has accounting rewards - bring your pledged stETH over to me and pledge it again. What are you doing? Use it as a security deposit for other agreements