What is Bulletproof Productions?

We are an innovative Web3 solutions company passionate about decentralization and making a level playing ground for every participant in crypto by creating unbiased systems that distribute wealth in a fair system.

Raise funds on Bulletproof Productions

Anyone can use the Bulletproof Productions’ website to raise funds just by recording or uploading any audio content they create.

For example, you would like to raise funds for the local sports club you are a member of, a school, a hospital, a friend in need, a project or anything that you think deserves financial assistance. You record or upload onsite an audio message from yourself, your local sports clubs theme song, a poem, details about a project or anything you deem relevant to the cause. In return you get a playable link to share your newly created Audio NFT on any platform for others to donate their support by minting a unique copy of your Audio NFT.

To check how much money you have raised go to the Royalties page to see how much you have raised so far.

What is Bulletproof Productions mission?

Bulletproof Productions mission statement is simple “Turning cents into Dollars 💰’ for Artists with Killer Beats.”. We give the power back in the hands of the artist and the fans so they both benefit from creating and enjoying the music they love.

How does Bulletproof Productions achieve its mission?

Bulletproof Productions is built for artists and fans first. Unlike the current content distribution systems, Intellectual Property management systems and royalty payment systems, where all capture value from the Artists creation and fail to pass it back to the original creator.

Let's break it down!

The current Content Distribution system is flawed in many ways, but one of the most important failures that directly impacts the artist is: it favors content distributors over talented content creators. The distributors of content end up getting most of the returns generated by the artist's content. Bulletproof Productions utilizing blockchain technology with Audio NFTs running on our specially designed Decentralized Content Distribution System allows artists to publish and share directly with their fans, who pay cryptocurrencies to support the artist and enjoy their creations. The artist gets the funds directly from the fans and the fans directly support the artist. This is where Bulletproof Productions puts the artist and fans in direct contact to create this mutually beneficial relationship. In the future, content consumers (fans) won’t be paying a subscription fee to platforms and will directly give to content creators (Artists) they love & support. Bulletproof Productions brings the future to now with its current Decentralized Content Distribution System.

Current Intellectual Property management systems and copyright law protects the artists / creators work, although they need a definitive registration system to prove ownership. With current distribution systems and the amount of data on the internet anyone can download and use your creation and it will be nearly impossible to track down every use. Even if you do find every individual use, you then need to pay legal fees for every copyright breach, which will most probably outweigh any financial gain. Enter Bulletproof Productions Audio NFTs with a blockchain transaction and timestamp, usage tracking, digital audio watermark copyright protection all living on a distributed ledger that guards your Intellectual Property by making each piece of content uniquely addressable.

The above ways in which Bulletproof Productions solves the current Content Distribution and Intellectual Property problems allows the Artist / Creator to gain max benefits from Royalties. The Artist doesn’t need a middleman or to wait for their royalties to be calculated, skimmed, deducted before they get their cut. The Artist can view, verify and claim their royalties in real time, instantly!

But what about the fans …

Fans also suffer paying for content they don’t even listen to or enjoy. Furthermore, they don’t get to contribute directly to the success of their favorite artist or be a part of their upcoming. They have no way of proving they were there from the beginning before the Artist became a multi-platinum record selling star. There is no direct relationship between the Artist and the diehard fans. Hold on… now there is! With Bulletproof Productions a fan can personalize a track by recording onto an existing track from the artist and own that unique copy, at the same time the artist receives Royalties because the fan used the artist’s track. Now the fan can also get royalties if anyone uses the fan’s unique copy!


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