OliveBank revolutionizing Social, Web3, and P2P payments

An Eth L2 platform built for speed and affordability

Offering banking-grade features

While providing yields on your assets💰💼

Ready to discover the future of payments with @0xOlive?

Dive in 🧵👇


0xOlive is now Olive Bank

Redefined. Reimagined. Reshaping the Web3 finanical landscape.



Powered by ZK-Proof and Celestia

They're rewriting the rules and inviting you to join their community

Here's what you can do👇

PS- those who participated in their testnet have not been forgotten ;)


First up join their discord server to stay updated


Check out how you can contribute

- Become an ambassador

- Become a MOD

- Join Content Guild/Dev Guild


Participate in their @IntractCampaign

Road to Mainnet

Check out the campaign, explore Olive Bank, answer questions, and earn up to 150 XP!

Don't miss out on unlocking exclusive rewards at TGE!





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