Constraints :

  • 1. Text can be read both backwards and forwards, word-by-word.
    • 2. Text has an odd number of words.
      • 3. The middle word means the opposite of the first (and hence the last) word


        the outside trains the eyes detective. Visiting, the rising sun, comforting somewhat

        the collapsed stars as children their cherished dinosaurs, plays the distracting role :

        leading his following bloomers, billowing cecilias, above

        the fray, growing blindly. Miscalculations, stony as planets, puncture the

        order eternal; and sublime justices suspect criminals subliminal.

        Prosecution and defense both move that words are untrustworthy

        vehicles, shrieking bloody murder : of evidences only the truly

        material matter. Is this rule the fixed star's directing? Answers

        the detective: self-deceptive the promises, virtuous the

        compromising. Duty of dereliction engineers corrupt

        conduct. Intent Lucifers whisper clues,

        convincing lunatics to cleave shadows

        as moon's following departed.

        Those of vision tunnel

        inside the


        the inside

        tunnel vision of those

        departed, following moons as

        shadows cleave to lunatics. Convincing

        clues whisper Lucifer's intent : conduct

        corrupt engineers. Dereliction of duty, compromising

        the virtuous, promises the self-deceptive detective the

        answers. Directing stars fixed the rule : this is matter material,

        truly the only evidences of murder : bloody, shrieking vehicles.

        Untrustworthy are words that move both defense and prosecution,

        subliminal criminals. Suspect justices, sublime and eternal, order

        the puncture : planets as stony miscalculations, blindly growing, fray the

        above cecilias, billowing bloomers, following his leading

        role, distracting the plays. Dinosaurs cherished their children, as stars collapsed the

        somewhat comforting sun. Rising, the visiting detective eyes the trains outside the


        Note : the above is an extract from my book Murder by (Loco)motive. Prior to the publication of that book, I published this poem as an NFT.