A crash course to stay fresh and confident in the face of digital and real-life chaos.

You will learn how to free yourself from mental information overload that keeps you in a state of emergency, become an effective decision maker and outsource your self-management to your computer without any worry to lose oversight.

You will see how you

  • eliminate a fierce mental demon
    • worship your new king
      • move fast and effective
        • outsource to technology

          Level 0

          Crypto led me to create my first twitter account in 2021 and even before I was immediately overwhelmed with information overflow.

          Especially as a newcomer.

          The way I dealt with it back then was to accept sidelining everything and focus on my own goals which was to work with artists and creators.

          This led me to focus on only a single very intriguing project in web3 and I eventually started to contribute to its community. Which was an adventure in itself,

          but what happened?

          Even by reducing my focus on a single Ecosystem and niching down very hard it didn’t take long until I found myself again in Information overload.

          There was ...

          a constant flow of newbies interested, community promotion meaning go on twitter again, outreaching hundreds of people, constant new updates, new technology standards and other projects coming into the ecosystem for partnerships, presentations, people looking for jobs, conflicts between community members, community calls and new incentives to create your own stuff and go out there and do all of the above twice at the same time

          Now that was a blob of text, I apologize for pushing you through this but I have to get the point across

          No matter how hard you niche down, in the digital realms, information overload will

          a l w a y s b e t h e r e

          I got very dense on it and it made me inflexible, I reached a point where I felt overwhelmed with the most basic tasks, like setting up a new discord server.

          And today?

          Actually, I am sitting in a similar spot, the information flow didn't ebb down and everything is still the same chaos but...

          I don't feel overwhelmed or stressed by it anymore, not at all!!

          So what did change?

          Level 1

          You have to get rid off... FOMO!

          Get that out of your head, if you find yourself in a similar spot as I did chances, are you constantly experience a sense of FOMO.

          It might be subtle it might be strong.

          Be it around your service or new opportunities, what your colleagues do or just the next new token project launching.

          But there is a constant sense of drive fueled by FOMO that holds you in your mess.

          I have a mentor who describes this phenomenon in a different way, he calls it Living on the Effect

          It means that external forces are constantly push and pulling you around giving you a very hard time to stay focused. It leads you to being rugged off your inner balance and in worse cases you might even forgot that you had an inner balance in the first place.

          However, the good news is you can flip the script here fairly easy and practice yourself to become the silent eye in a tornado.

          However you call it, essentially get rid of FOMO as a way of life.

          To achieve that the first ability you need to have is to get present.

          You have to center yourself, ideally let go off everything and mentally step back.

          For starters, 10min of mindfulness meditation can do the trick.

          You learn to get comfortable with doing nothing and you equip an ability to mentally shut down, in a good way.

          Now, are you able to do that? Can you let go off everything and just experience the present moment... for a moment.

          Congratulations you beat Level 1 let us continue

          Level 2

          Simplicity is KING!

          Crypto is exiting and we want to try so many things at the same time.

          But, when we step back and look holistically at our life, it is easy to realize that our goals need a lot less than we think we do. This lesson comes up over and over again even in trading.

          In trading you don't need to hit it big on 30 different projects, when it comes down to it one life changing trade can be enough, it is enough to hit it big on 1 coin.

          To achieve this you don't need to hold 30 different projects, if you do you need a 10x on all of them just to pump your portfolio by a 2x.

          Are you here since October? Now let me ask. Did you double your Portfolio?

          If not, ETHEREUM did. That means you have been better of just sticking with one of the safest crypto assets, instead of betting on all those juicy alts.

          A friend just recently realized a life changing trade by betting big on PANDORA very early on. He is in crypto for 2 cycles right now and he made the best trade in his life.

          I know that he never held many coins, he rather focused on deep learning serious lessons and keep it simple with a few coins and all seem to have led to this moment.

          Now he can literally choose to bag his bags or keep playing... I am so envious.

          On my side, I am bad at this one, I still dangle around with with hundreds of thousands of different things at the same time, and for outsiders it looks like pure chaos. However, there is another key ingredient to keep me sane and centered.

          2 years ago I would have been majorly overwhelmed.

          Level 3

          Get clear and decicive!

          The key difference, today I can clearly discern what is serious to me and what is just play!

          Whatever is serious to me is set on a long time horizon, essentially forever. This enable me to take it slow, work at it in my own pace and I can easily overview it. As long as the things I really need to keep in check.. are in check,

          I can toy with everything else.

          To get simple you need to get clear, this is also why Level 1 is a prerequisite.

          To get clear you have to free your mind from the short term momentum and get down to

          1. What are your true values

          2. What natural boundaries emerge out of your values

          If you are clear on your values it becomes easy to make decisions and move forward. Combined with a long time horizon you will free up so much space and time, it will become easy to onload more Information BUT

          You have to stay loyal to your lane and your values.

          If you get this down it will be easy to stay at peace.

          Additionally, I highly recommend to install some tools on top.

          So let us get practical

          Level 4

          Build your 2nd Brain and LIFE OPERATING SYSTEM

          I have built a system and framework that allows me to deep focus on my most dear activities, capture and process information and I always have a big bird eye view on everything going on in my life.

          Actually, I stole the term Life Operating System from an extensive youtube-series to organize everything via Notion. You will find a link at the end of this article if you really want to double down but for starters...

          I recommend a simple approach which will serve you well.

          The main idea is simple STOP THINKING and outsource everything to your computer!

          At its core all you need is

          • One place for notes, list and files.
            • A good doc spreadsheet

              But it has another catch,

              It requires you to train 3 habits.

              Habit #1

              You have to catch all information in one place.

              I can do 95% of that via a personal Telegram Chat folder where I just throw EVERYTHING that touches me as remotely relevant.

              I think you can do the same in WhatsApp but Telegram is particularly practical in crypto as you can also Forward all Telegram Alpha Group messages and integrate Telegram Bots into your Chats.

              Plus, it is easily accessible on desktop and phone.

              You can use it for everything NOTES, Reminders, Cook Recipes.

              Everything that is not viable via Telegram Chat will end up in 1 single Folder on my Desktop. My downloads folder.

              The goal is to keep it again, as simple as possible. Just one place to think about is ideal. Different devices and channels make this more complicated, but If you read this I am confident your brain can handle that juggle as long as you have 1 dedicated place for each channel or device you use or build.

              The next habit will enable you to deal with that trouble.

              Habit #2

              You need to train yourself, to come back to your Notes and sort them out. Ideally every day.

              With practice it will become a quick and easy process, because over time you will build more and more defined places to store all that information.

              By design your system will get butter and smoother overtime. For most of your things you probably already have dedicated places.

              Now its just about the gist to actually use and improve them.

              There is no formula for it, follow your intuition is best.

              But all is 100% useless without the last Habit.

              Habit #3


              I will explain with a short trip into psychology

              What do you need to really free mental capacity into your computer?

              Lewin's Psychological Field Theory states that the Brain creates tensions when Tasks are unresolved.

              Those tensions will have you consciously or subconsciously DRAIN YOUR ENERGY.

              In other words, if you fail to work your system your brain will keep you awake at night, the more is stored in your brain, the more tension you will accumulate.

              To help you STOP THINKING and create a mind like water. You need to trust your ability to maintain your system.

              The good news is once you reap the benefits of your work, you will get addicted to your process anyway.

              Now let us get to the last part.

              The big bird eye view

              This low key changed my life

              Everything you have captured in notes felt of relevance to you.

              Now you abstract all of that into 1 big google spreadsheet

              A place where you overview your whole life in 1 place.

              All you need to do is categorize whatever you find in your notes into projects.

              Each project gets its own column

              Within that column you store more information about that, links relevant to it, whatever fit your needs.

              Projects can be anything

              • Building a fitness routine
                • My dear friend Peter
                  • Organize cleaning in the house
                    • Test this new product idea
                      • Upcoming birthdays

                        When you get down to it you might find hundreds of Projects regarding to your life. Things you need to do, want to do or just think about doing.

                        Write them down

                        I promise you when you are through this you will feel A M A Z I NG

                        You get to a point where your whole life is at your finger tips in one place.

                        The Final Step

                        Okay this is misleading in truth, the final step has no end.

                        So far you have created

                        • A place to store all incoming informations
                          • Habits to organize that information
                            • A place to overview all your projects

                              It is the ideal playground to further improve your organisation and learn to distribute your data even more efficiently.

                              Everything that follows is highly individual and subject to your own needs.

                              For the longest time I was content by staying at our current stage but recently I got eager to make it more addressable.

                              This led me to create a Central Dashboard where I track my most relevant Actions it includes

                              • Goals I set for myself
                                • KPIs to measure my progress
                                  • A Habit Tracker
                                    • A Checklist for Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Tasks
                                      • A Project Priority List and Subfolders for those Projects
                                        • My Calendar
                                          • Deadlines

                                            This is just a taste and what I did, a friend of mine pointed me to this LIFER OPERATING SYSTEM thing when we happen to end up on this subject.

                                            Disclaimer, personally I don't use it, they swear on it so it might very well be worth to check it out. They might have a much better approach to the FINAL DASHBOARDs that will have all your data organized.

                                            You can find the video series here:

                                            Give it a shot, or not.

                                            Final Summery

                                            1. Get rid of FOMO

                                            2. Worship Simplicity

                                            3. Build clarity and decisiveness

                                            4. Build a 2nd brain and Life Operating System

                                            OH 1 THING YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO DO

                                            You enjoyed my read?

                                            Share it around and let us safe a few more people from burning out in the flames of information overload.

                                            if you wanna chat