In fact, both men and women are creatures that lack a sense of security before their personalities mature.
The core difference is that women tend to seek externally, while men tend to seek internally.
This is why some women can't help but control men, because in a traditional patriarchal society, a man's physical and intellectual strength are symbols of power and wealth.
Their subjectivity leads them to constantly conquer the outside world until they achieve worldly success. For example, getting promoted, becoming wealthy, winning the love of a beautiful and rich woman, and having luxury cars and beautiful women accompany them as long as they have the ability and wealth.
Women, on the other hand, are extremely disadvantaged in this regard. Whether it's innate physical strength or acquired intellectual development, resources and opportunities, they are much less than men.
The development of modern technology has enabled some women to receive education and develop their intellectual abilities, enough to be on par with many middle-class men.
However, there are still some women who do not have these resources and opportunities and can only follow the traditional path, relying on and manipulating men to gain a sense of security from the outside world.
They always seem emotional and unreasonable, but the essence of this expression is to make men pay "substantial value" or "real action".
For actions, they don't actually have to pay too much substance, which is why some spoiled girls are moved by the persistence and stubbornness beneath a man's embarrassed appearance.
For women, true maturity may be realizing that a sense of security cannot always be sought externally, but is more about self-realization.
This realization, accompanied by the enlightenment of the mind, is an investment in ability and the future.
When women no longer hope to capture value from men or control men, they may truly control the outside world and gain a unique sense of security that no one can replace.
Let's talk about men briefly.
Society evaluates men based on their abilities and achievements, and their outward consciousness makes their inner emotional consciousness extremely weak. Many men's ability to handle emotions is at a kindergarten level.
Therefore, their demands are exactly the opposite of women's, hoping more that women are non-worldly and non-utilitarian.
Many men's rationality is a biased rationality, at the expense of emotional and emotional abilities.
In a relatively unfamiliar or tempting environment, they can relatively control their emotions and bow their heads for the sake of survival.
But in a familiar and safe environment, if these men who are always calm and rational outside can't control their emotions and hurt the most familiar and intimate people around them, they are typical emotionally castrated men.
A truly mature man can control both the inside and outside, knows how to deal with conflicts between the outside world and the inside, balances the relationship between career and family, and most of the time makes the intimate people around him feel comfortable.
So, he won't be swayed by emotions and can move forward better. A man who is outstanding in external abilities, has clear goals, can handle emotions properly, and has intimate relationships, can be called a mature man.