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This week's highlights:

  • $Pointless πŸ’²
    • LIPs Updates πŸ’₯
      • Phaver and Orb at NFT Paris 2024 πŸ₯–
        • T2 World: Friends Who Write Season 2 ✍
          • Farcaster Highlights πŸš€
            • Beer Taste: La Parisienne Brune 🍻


              Pointless: The Joke That Became a Token πŸ€‘

              You've heard about $Pointless, righ? It's the latest craze sweeping through the Lens Protocol universe, born from a cheeky post and turning into our very own emblem of fun and mischief. Let's dive into this not-so-serious token that's making some serious waves.

              What's $Pointless, Really? 😁

              • From Joke to Token: It all started with a cheeky post questioning the value of "points systems" promising rewards. Our mate Sydney Bro couldn't resist the irony, launching $Pointless on the Base network.
                • A Telegram group formed, attracting web3 enthusiasts like Punkess and others. This ragtag crew brainstormed, debated names (RIP POINTS, hello $Pointless!), and faced hilarious hurdles along the way.
                  • Airdrop Chaos: Remember airdrops? Sydney Bro did theirs differently. Imagine sending tokens to 125,000 wallets! Tools choked, estimates skyrocketed, and our mate ended up switching platforms and deploying with a tool meant for a fraction of the intended recipients.
                    • After some tech hickups (double tokens, anyone?), Pointless finally landed in everyone's Lens handles wallets.

                      Why's Everyone Buzzing? πŸ₯³

                      • It's not just a token; it's a high-five to the creative chaos that fuels the Lens Protocol crowd. $Pointless is our collective thumbs-up to trying out new, wacky ideas and seeing where the wind takes us.

                        Cool Things You Can Do with $Pointless πŸ€—

                        • Tip and Collect on Hey and Kaira apps: Yep, you can now use $Pointless to tip your fav creators or snag some collectibles. It's like sprinkling a little extra love on the posts you dig.
                          • Level up your support with super follows on both Hey and Kaira.
                            • Spread the Pointless love by creating fun LuckyDrops for your followers on Firefly app.

                              But wait, there's more that could be done with $Pointless ... Picture this:

                              • Imagine hitting the like button and tossing some $Pointless to your mates as a "nice post!" shoutout. It's about making those digital interactions more fun and leveling up interaction among friends. We're dreamers πŸ˜ƒ
                                • Spam filter? By limiting transactions to "friends," could Pointless discourage bots and promote genuine connections? We guess so.
                                  • Community Vibes: It could be also used as a tool to join private communities/club. Got 5k $Pointless or more? You could join a future Trust Me Bro private community/club, for example.

                                    Wrapping UpπŸ‘€

                                    • $Pointless might have started as a laugh, but it's quickly become a quirky little symbol of our community's spirit. Catch you on Lens, where the pointless possibilities are endless.


                                      LIPs Updates πŸ’₯

                                      LIPs everywhere! (Please read Lens Improvement Proposals 😁)

                                      LIP5 straight-up is revolutionising Lens, blowing the minds of the community's Giga Brains! Brand new LIPs popping up daily, hype is REAL!

                                      Here's the lowdown:

                                      • LIP-5: Opening Up the GardenThe OG from all the LIPs and the talk of the town. LIP-5 proposes opening up the Lens garden, paving the way for decentralised social media open for everyone.Status: Going live pretty soon. Some last minute details are being prepped - for instance, most people do not own matic so there's a need to do some work around so new members could pay to join, if that would be the case.
                                        • LIP-9: Lens-Wide Verification ProcessBuilding upon LIP-5, LIP-9 addresses the need for a standardised verification process across Lens. Currently, each interface or app built atop the protocol implements its own verification methods, leading to confusion for users and inefficiencies for projects. LIP-9 suggests a central database for verified profiles, accessible to all platforms. Trusted entities like Hey, Orb, Tape, and Aave can contribute to this database, ensuring a streamlined verification process across Lens.Status: Active discussion with considerations for periodic checks, global versus local verifications, and ensuring the integrity of the verification process across platforms.
                                          • LIP-10: Open Communities StandardOpened by our Fren Random Potential, LIP-10 explores mechanisms for incentivizing contributions to the Lens ecosystem. By rewarding participants for their contributions, Lens aims to foster growth and innovation, attracting developers, creators, and users alike.Status: Early stages, with discussions ongoing to refine proposals.
                                            • LIP-11: Momoka should be open for allFocused on efficiency and scalability, LIP-11 delves into optimising gas usage within Lens. By streamlining transactions and reducing gas costs, Lens seeks to enhance the user experience and lower barriers to entry for participants. Opened by the Lens Team Member Josh.Status: Early stages, with discussions ongoing to refine proposals.
                                              • LIP-12: Profile ActionsLIP-12 outlines governance parameters for Lens, charting a course for transparent decision-making and community involvement. By establishing clear guidelines and processes, Lens aims to empower stakeholders and ensure the protocol's long-term sustainability. Opened by Paul Burke.Status: Early stages, with discussions ongoing to refine proposals.

                                                As Lens Protocol charts its course towards permissionless, these LIPs serve as guiding beacons, shaping the protocol's direction. Community engagement remains at high levels, ensuring that Lens evolves into a vibrant, inclusive ecosystem.


                                                Phaver and Orb at NFT Paris 2024 πŸ₯–

                                                Web3 enthusiasts unite! Heard of NFT Paris yet? Happened this weekend, it's Europe's biggest Web3 gathering and you might still be in time to join the action!

                                                Here's the lowdown:

                                                And the best of it? You could've been partying with Phaver and Orb at NFT Paris!

                                                Private parties, merch distribuiton (trust me bro), and lots of fun IRL.

                                                What Phavercooked:

                                                • From Crypto Punks brunches to exclusive WOW Gala experiences, Phaver creators and frens had unforgettable moments. Unlocking hidden content, connected with the community, and experience the power of Web3 firsthand. Not enough?
                                                  • Phaver & Gossip Protocol teamed up at NFT Paris. Some Creators got chipped with special varnish that unlocks Phaver profiles & exclusive content with a phone scan. Connect, party, & experience the future of Web3 IRL πŸ’… Chris, Saska.... you gonna make it, right? Show us them nails, guys 😁
                                                    • Phaver Team & Creators who attended: Joonatan, Chris Comrie, Saska, Carla Monni, Jessy Fries, Tommy Thomas, , Ste, Vana, Tinyrainboot... just to name a few.

                                                      Orb planned something too!

                                                      Kipto, Cofounder of Orb is organised a gathering for all the Orb Family and we believe for Lens Frens in general. Guess it was a kinda of a secretone, but we'll find out how did it go πŸ˜›

                                                      What a shame I can't join, ain't it? Grab them beers IRL with the people we chat everyday...and get these nails decorated πŸ˜‚

                                                      Anyway, enjoy Bros and Sis!


                                                      T2 World: Friends Who Write Season 2 ✍

                                                      T2 World is calling all writers and creatives on Lens! Season 2 of Friends Who Write (FWW) is back, and this time, they're teaming up with Lens Protocol to bring you an epic writing adventure.

                                                      Here's what awaits πŸ‘

                                                      • Weekly Writing Sprints: Dust off your keyboards and prepare for a month of intense, productive bursts of writing! Submit 1,000+ words every Friday on any topic that ignites your passion.
                                                        • $13,000 Prize Pool: Your dedication deserves rewards! Compete for your share of a generous prize pool for outstanding submissions.
                                                          • Expert Workshops: Hone your craft with insightful workshops led by industry professionals. Gain valuable knowledge and push your writing to the next level.
                                                            • Supportive Community: FWW isn't just a contest - it's a place to connect with fellow writers, forge friendships, and inspire each other.

                                                              But wait, there's more πŸ‘€

                                                              • FWW is more than just publishing finished works. It's about the journey, the accountability, and the shared experience of carving out time for writing amidst life's distractions.
                                                                • No partner? No problem! Sign up solo and we'll help you find writing buddies in our friendly Discord community.bag
                                                                  • Season 1 was a smashing success! Over 70% of participants craved more, and we're thrilled to deliver with even bigger prizes and exciting programs.

                                                                    Ready to join the fun?

                                                                    Head to and gather your writing squad! Don't forget to check the box if you want us to match you with new writing mates. We're already there!!


                                                                    Farcaster Highlights πŸš€

                                                                    1. Warpcast's Channels: Pay-to-Post Proposal

                                                                    Spam woes got you down? This proposal suggests letting channel hosts charge 100 Warps (i.e.) for posting to fight the noise. Fees go to the host, incentivizing quality content and combating trolls. ️

                                                                    Quick thoughts:

                                                                    • Intriguing, but not for me: While some love the idea, others prefer NFT gating with manual control.
                                                                      • Filtering by payment? Unclear if Warpcast would filter non-paying comments, leaving questions about inclusivity?
                                                                        • More options, please! Allowlist gating based on specific criteria could offer flexibility.
                                                                          • Experiment time! Some are curious to test the value they provide through paid feedback.
                                                                            • Bonus features? Sending fees to other addresses or integrating with existing subscription models could be cool.
                                                                              • Set your own price! 100 Warps might not be enough for everyone, adjustable fees are desired.
                                                                                • Sharing the spoils? How fees are split among multiple hosts needs clarification.Overall, an interesting proposition with room for discussion and refinement. What do you think? You can read and follow the convo here:

                                                                                  2. Track all things Frames with!

                                                                                  Stay ahead of the game with Frames - the revolutionary way to interact online and on-chain. Now, you can easily track Frame activity and discover new trends with the beta launch of

                                                                                  Top 5 New Frames from the Past 24h:

                                                                                  More than just a fad, Frames are here to reshape online and onchain interactions.

                                                                                  We're excited to see tools like emerge to support this innovative technology. Big thanks to Corbin Page for building this valuable feature and for all the Frames builders!

                                                                                  3. Base Builder Grants: Round 2 is Here!

                                                                                  Base just unleashed the second wave of its 2024 Builder Grants, and it's packed with goodies for the decentralized social media space!


                                                                                  • Livestreaming Farcaster news: @nounishprof and @adrienne for @gmfarcaster, a live news feed for Farcaster.
                                                                                    • Get your speed on: @sammy addictive game Speedtracer is here to test your reflexes. ️
                                                                                      • Tiny Frogs take a dive: @submerged splashes in with Tiny Frogs and frentech95.
                                                                                        • Seamless onchain payments: @kevex91 makes payments a breeze with @citizenwallet.
                                                                                          • RSVP on-chain: @wslyvh.eth's Show Up brings event management to the blockchain.
                                                                                            • WEVM doubles down: @wevm continues its support for Base and the OP Stack with and ️
                                                                                              • Bid for unique art: @jhekub's "Building Blocks" lets you use tokens to grab 1/1 masterpieces.
                                                                                                • Ducky City quacks in: This onchain farming game adds a playful twist to DeFi

                                                                                                  Big congrats to all the winners! Their work is pushing decentralized social media to new heights. A special shoutout to Base for supporting these innovative builders.

                                                                                                  Farcaster Social Media Buzz: Key Takeaways

                                                                                                  From innovative funding for builders to exciting new features like pay-to-post and Frame tracking, it's clear decentralised social media is buzzing!

                                                                                                  What are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

                                                                                                  Token-gating channels? Frames? Base grants?


                                                                                                  Beer Taste: La Parisienne Brune 🍺

                                                                                                  We're ditching tourist traps and diving into La Parisienne Brune, a Parisian craft beer bursting with character and brewed with a passion for sustainability.

                                                                                                  This ain't your average brew, it's a movement born in the City of Lights by a winemaker inspired by the American craft revolution.

                                                                                                  • Imagine a 5.5% Scotch Ale that explodes with rich, roasted coffee and decadent chocolate notes. Smooth and mellow, balanced by a perfect hoppy bite, this full-bodied beauty leaves you wanting more.
                                                                                                    • La Parisienne Brune ain't just about flavor, it's about supporting a brewery that values quality, community, and the environment. Organic ingredients? Check. Urban hop fields? You bet!
                                                                                                      • It's a taste of Parisian passion, craftsmanship, and environmental consciousness, all in one delicious bottle. Pair it with a cheese platter or a decadent chocolate dessert for an unforgettable experience.

                                                                                                        Did you guys are attending NFT Paris, grabbed a La Parisienne Brune on our behalf? If yes, let us know how it tasted. Santé 🍻


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