3 years ago I started my Web3 career as a Junior Developer with Avara (on Aave).

I recently transitioned internally from engineering to developer relations. It's been an exciting new journey and I'm just getting started.

I'm highly motivated by Avara's mission to build a user-centric and equitable internet that benefits all participants, and I look forward to making further advancements in the Avara developer ecosystem: Aave Protocol, Lens Protocol, Family wallet + ConnectKit.

One of the many unique things about working in Web3 is that my career can be publicly visualized.

Aave Community Developer Commits

I've learned so much from working with Aave Labs, BGD Labs, and countless other Aave community developers to operate and innovate in a rapidly changing industry while striving to maintain the highest levels of risk management and security.

Aave Governance

The genesis of all Aave protocol decisions is the governance process where the Aave community discusses and decides the outcome of onchain proposals. If approved, changes are executed through trust-minized smart contract procedures.

I've gotten to witness and contribute to major developments in governance, from:

  • Entering the uncharted territory of multi-chain DeFi by deploying Aave V2 to Polygon POS and Avalanche C-Chain
    • Upgrading to new protocol and governance versions, now deployed to 12+ networks
      • Launching the protocol native stablecoin, GHO
        • On-boarding of service providers in areas such as development, risk, governance, and finance
          • Too many other milestones to list

            Aave Protocol

            The culmination of community efforts is a system of code that operates 24/7/365, publicly, and programatically. The Aave Protocol and the applications built around it represent the vision of a new paradigm of finance, DeFi.

            DeFi operates in an ever-changing and sometimes adversarial landscape, but the industry endures because of its undeniable benefits over traditional financial systems, and a conviction that code can be built to last.

            Shout-out to Web3 data providers that enable such valuable insights: DeFiLlama, Token Terminal, CoinGecko, TheGraph, Bello, Airstack, Goldsky, Covalent, Dune Analytics, and many more.