New 🪂opportunity alert!

Jump aboard $SYN & unlock rewards

Follow simple steps to qualify in just minutes

Best part - NO cost is involved

Ready to seize your share?

Check out the guide below 🧵👇


Let's talk about @SynFuturesDefi before we move on to the steps

A decentralized derivatives trading platform

With a staggering $1.4B valuation, $36M raised

& backing from renowned investors like @paradigm, @polychain and @PanteraCapital

The rewards could be BIG!


What to do?

Get involved in the Test Network, test features, and stand a chance to grab some goodies from both @Blast_L2 and @SynFuturesDefi

To begin we need test tokens on Blast

Option A


Option B

Get token on Sepolia

Transfer tokens to the following Blast contract with the address


Voila! you've got tokens on Blast Sepolia


Now you head to

Mint $USDC by clicking on the Mint button on top and confirming the transaction

Next, you deposit the USDM to perform testnet activities

Hit Deposit, input the desired amount of tokens and confirm the transaction


Activity 1 - Liquidity Provision

Head to

Select the pool of your choice

Input amount

Add liquidity


Activity 2 - Trade

Head to

Initiate long or short positions

Use leverage to boost volumes

*More often than not, the greater the trading volume, the greater the rewards


Activity 3 - Complete quest on @Galxe

Head to

Deadline - 14th Feb 2024

Deadline - 17th Feb 2024


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