Today we will talk about the network effect, about things that start to make sense and become more conscious and mature. Sometimes we seek answers to our key questions, to our childhood fears and emotions, everything we have acquired throughout our lives troubles, motivates, and moves our subconscious, and we either understand what is happening in our lives at the moment or, like blind kittens, have not learned to distinguish the abyss from the trampoline. The main goal is to learn to understand ourselves, our body, our emotions, desires, fears, and not let our destructive beginning destroy our lives. Because in my opinion, a person is called into this world not just to eat and sleep, earn a living, and then eat and sleep again. We are creators. And we have a creative beginning within us. From the beginning of all beginnings, we are creators, and this is very inspiring. Imagine that we as humans can create anything from a nail to a spaceship, all thanks to our incredible knowledge, which we either develop or neglect over time. It is up to us to decide once again. The world of WEB3 is also trying (not everyone, of course) to convey this idea that happiness is in your hands. Unhappiness too. The choice is yours. There are creators who can open the magical doors to that mysterious world called... the network, the web, where we exchange thoughts and ideas, experiences. This unites us. We are one whole. If your idea inspires me, you will be rewarded. By whom? By everyone. Capitalism stands guard to ensure that no idea seeps into this world for free; everything must be paid for (although this wisdom has been around since ancient times in the East). We must know the value and what we want. If we do not know these constants, we are sold and we are just puppets in the hands of others.

There are wonderful opportunities that you can start using right now. These opportunities are open to everyone regardless of race, age, wealth, and other attributes. Of course, the rich and smart have more opportunities, but this does not in any way mean that the Universe makes exceptions. It is neutral in this regard.