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  • Orb App V2 Takes Off πŸš€
    • Buttrfly Cross-App Integrations πŸ¦‹
      • TMB updates - We're on Farcaster πŸ™‹β€β™‚
        • Web3 Frontend: Centralised vs Decentralised Debate πŸ€”
          • Trusted Talent #18: Onchain Socials Showcase 🌐
            • Beer Taste - Krombacher πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ


              Orb App V2 Takes Off πŸš€

              The Orb App V2 has landed, bringing with it exciting new features and a much-enhanced UX. This latest version marks a significant leap forward, promising a smoother, more engaging journey through the world of onchain socials.

              What’s New? 😍

              • Improved Conversation Flow: Chatting on Orb's feed now feels more natural and fluid, making digital conversations a breeze.
                • Enhanced Post Highlights: Media-rich posts now pop with vibrant display boxes, emphasizing the content's creativity.
                  • Customisable Feeds: Tailor your browsing experience with filters like "For You" and "Following," alongside specific content types (video, audio, images, collectibles).
                    • Collectible Posts: Clearly labeled collectible posts with upfront pricing and revenue share details invite more interaction. But not available yet
                      • Search Bar Upgrades: Finding what you're looking for is now faster and more intuitive than in V1.
                        • Smooth Scrolling: Whether you're chilling at home or exploring remote areas with limited internet, Orb V2 glides like a dream. Enjoy uninterrupted browsing no matter the location.

                          Community Feedback πŸ€—

                          Orb's community has been quick to embrace these changes, praising the app's refreshed look and feel. However, they've also pointed out areas ripe for improvement, such as enhancing notification details and resolving login issues for a seamless entry experience.

                          Areas for Fine-Tuning πŸ‘¨β€πŸ­

                          • Notification Clarity: Users are looking for a better breakdown of notifications to easily track engagement on their posts by type - likes, reposts, comments, mentions, collects.
                            • A Call for Dark Mode: The absence of a dark mode has been noted, with hopes for its return for a more comfortable viewing experience at night.
                              • Translation Missing: Feeling lost in a language barrier? The automatic translator's absence is noticeable. Making Orb accessible to a wider audience is crucial. Let's break down those language barriers and unite the community!
                                • Community/Groups: Finding new communities/groups can feel like navigating a labyrinth. Let's make discovery more intuitive and guide users to their perfect social spaces.
                                  • DM Dilemma:: While the wait for in-app DM functionality via XMTP continues, it's understandable that users are eager to connect directly with their friends and followers. Let's keep the lines of communication open!
                                    • Uninterrupted Audio: We all enjoy listening to audio content on the go. However, the audio currently stops when the screen locks. Ensuring continuous playback would improve the listening experience significantly.
                                      • Open Actions: No Open Actions (Smart Posts) are included yet in the V2 features. Please guys, bring them ON πŸ™‹β€β™‚

                                        Orb's Response πŸš’

                                        The Orb team is not just listening; they're acting. Fixes for Android onboarding issues are underway, demonstrating Orb's commitment to its community.

                                        Remember, an engaged and satisfied community is the key to a thriving platform. So, let's keep the feedback flowing and help Orb create a truly harmonious experience for everyone!

                                        Orb V2 is a promising update with its focus on enhanced interaction, visual appeal, and content discovery.

                                        Ready to Dive In? Update your app or join the Orb community today.

                                        What would you like to see added or improved? Share your thoughts in the comments

                                        How Orb feed looks like


                                        Buttrfly Cross-App Integrations πŸ¦‹

                                        Buttrfly isn't just expanding; it's revolutionising how we interact across our favourite social platforms, from Lens to Zora, Sound, Highlight, and Farcaster. Let's dive into the details:

                                        Farcaster Integration:

                                        • Now post and comment directly from Buttrfly to Farcaster, complete with GIF support! Look out for Frames and notifications coming soon.
                                          • Seamlessly sign in to your Farcaster account, check your feed, engage with content, and mint Zora and Sound items directly from Buttrfly.
                                            • Buttrfly now supports Farcaster videos, enhancing your multimedia experience.

                                              Zora & Enhancements:

                                              • Desktop users rejoice! Zora and Sound mints now display the USD value alongside the ETH value, providing better cost transparency.
                                                • Explore the new "Featured on Zora" section within the Buttrfly Explore screen, allowing you to discover and mint Zora content directly in the Buttrfly mobile app.

                                                  Highlight Integration:

                                                  • Browse and share trending art from Highlight seamlessly within the Buttrfly Explore screen, expanding your artistic horizons.

                                                    Lens Integration:

                                                    • Get groovy with Sound! Mint Lens Sound tracks directly within the Buttrfly mobile app, unleashing your creative potential.

                                                      Why It Matters to Us:

                                                      This move is a game-changer for web3 portability, offering a unified hub for browsing, posting, and minting across multiple platforms.

                                                      It's about saving time, streamlining our digital lives, and amplifying creators’ reachβ€”all from one place.

                                                      Buttrfly's cross-app features represent the future of social media, empowering users with enhanced connectivity and accessibility.

                                                      And guess what? All these features have been shipped in one month!! Impressive, especially knowing that Buttrfly it's a one man show project - huge S/O to MOΞ for his hard work πŸ‘


                                                      TMB updates - We're on Farcaster πŸ™‹β€β™‚

                                                      Yo, Trust Me Bro fam! We're expanding our cult (we mean community) to Farcaster, the new kid on the block of decentralised social media.

                                                      But wtf is Farcaster? Farcaster is a sufficiently decentralised social network, powered by independent nodes instead of a single entity. Why sufficiently decentralised social network?

                                                      Because they are adopting a kinda-web2 signup to get rid of all the web3 hassles. But...after signing up you can connect one or several wallet addresses you own to your Farcaster account.

                                                      Apps/Integrations Portfolio: Farcaster is the foundation, and on top of it, developers are building or connecting all sorts of apps, like:

                                                      • Icebreaker: A professional network, but way less stuffy.
                                                        • Seemore: Showcase your creator awesomeness and connect with fans.
                                                          • Paragraph: Build a community around your writing with web2 and web3 tools.
                                                            • Bountycaster: Need something done? Pay someone in crypto to do it!
                                                              • Unlonely: Livestreaming with fun features like betting and arcade tokens.
                                                                • Supercast: A slicker alternative to the main Farcaster app.
                                                                  • Launchcaster: Discover new projects built by the community, like Zerion!
                                                                    • Warpcast - The OG App: It's like Twitter (maybe), but with NFTs you can mint and earn/buy "Warps" for perks. Wait... there's more features described below 😁

                                                                      But Why Farcaster?

                                                                      • Fast Growth: The ecosystem is booming, with funded apps and even meme coins dedicated to it.
                                                                        • Unique Community: Think builders, founders, and crypto enthusiasts hanging out and sharing alpha.
                                                                          • Frames: They are the real game-changer. Imagine doing stuff like placing bets on esports, voting on community proposals, or even buying concert tickets, all without leaving the feed. It's like having a whole bunch of mini-apps rolled into one, letting you interact in new and exciting ways.
                                                                            • Collectible Casts: Now, Farcaster users can turn their "casts" (that's Farcaster for posts) into collectibles. Just add into your post, and bam! A collection pops up on Zora featuring your cast's text or image. It's slightly more complex than on Lens apps, but the Farcaster Devs are on a roll, making things happen.
                                                                              • Channels: They even have channels like "Subreddits", bringing communities together around specific topics.

                                                                                Get Your Handle: Sign up with an app like Warpcast for around $5/year. If you happen to have an USA-based mobile number it's free (Why? Not fair...) But remember, back up your recovery after joining in! More info here

                                                                                Our Two Cents:

                                                                                Dan Romero, the man behind Farcaster, is all in on welcoming the CT crowd by the masses, even if it means sidelining decentralisation spiel for now...

                                                                                However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. This strategy might have a price tag. Imagine Farcaster getting snapped up by one of the 5 big tech giants... then what's the game plan?

                                                                                Big Tech takeover turns Farcaster into a corporate puppet 🐢

                                                                                Can Farcaster grow while staying true to its roots? Only time will tell and we're there to see.

                                                                                Join the Trust Me Bro Crew on Farcaster! We'll be sharing our insights, memes, newsletter and some alpha. See you there, Bros & Sis!



                                                                                Web3 Frontend: Centralised vs Decentralised Debate πŸ€”

                                                                                We're diving into a juicy topic in web3 : the debate between centralised and decentralised frontend software. Most devs have been cozying up to Next.js and Vercel for their projects, loving the ease and efficiency. But, here's the kicker: this often means cozying up to centralised platforms like AWS. Not very web3, right?

                                                                                Why Go Decentralised?

                                                                                In web3, decentralisation is the name of the game, especially for platforms where uninterrupted access is non-negotiable. Take Uniswap, for instance; they can't afford to be held hostage by a centralised provider. A decentralised frontend isn't just a safety net; it's a shield against censorship and control.

                                                                                Arweave to the Rescue πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚

                                                                                Then there’s Arweave, swooping in with a solution: this approach fits like a glove with the web3 ethos

                                                                                Arweave lets you deploy web pages permanently on a decentralised permaweb, thanks to secure blockweave technology.

                                                                                While development might be trickier and loading times slower, it empowers you to build truly censorship-resistant web3 applications.

                                                                                Say goodbye to centralised control?

                                                                                Our Take πŸ€“

                                                                                Finding the sweet spot between efficiency and decentralisation is key. Centralised systems may be quick and user-friendly, but decentralised frontends are the backbone of true web3 independence. It's all about constructing strong, censorship-resistant life onchain.

                                                                                The question remains: are we truly prioritising this goal? The current landscape suggests otherwise.

                                                                                Let's Chat πŸ—£

                                                                                Alright, gurus, let’s talk. What's your stance on this centralised vs decentralised frontend showdown?


                                                                                Trusted Talent #18: Onchain Socials Showcase 🌐

                                                                                We know we've all been busy with new launches and such so we decided to extend our Trusted Talent #18: Onchain Socials Showcase for one more week.

                                                                                What's your go-to social spot on the blockchain?

                                                                                Tell us about a project rocking the Web3 connection game, even if it's not part of the Lens ecosystem.

                                                                                The one with the most likes gets crowned king (or queen), takes 5 WMatic homeAND lands a sweet feature in our newsletter next week!

                                                                                Come join the challenge here:


                                                                                Beer Taste - Krombacher πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

                                                                                Yo brew crew, it's time to delve into a German titan: Krombacher. More than just a household name, this brewery's been serving up top-notch brews since 1868, earning its spot as Germany's No. 1 premium lager. Think of it as the Beethoven of beers, composing symphonies of flavor that have stood the test of time.

                                                                                Why This Pilsner Pours Right:

                                                                                Natural Symphony: Forget artificial additives, Krombacher uses pure mountain spring water and Hallertau hops – think of them as the violins and trumpets of the brewing orchestra. It's all about unadulterated taste, folks.

                                                                                Award-Winning Act: This ain't no one-hit wonder. Krombacher's Pilsner has raked in awards like nobody's business, including a prestigious World Beer Cup award. So, you know you're getting the real deal.

                                                                                Beyond the Pilsner: Don't limit Krombacher to just one hit. They've got a whole symphony of brews to explore, from the full-bodied Hell to the refreshing Weizen. It's like discovering hidden tracks on a classic album – exciting and delicious!

                                                                                Did You Know?

                                                                                Hidden History: The Krombacher brewery sits on a site with over 600 years of brewing history. Talk about some serious beer lineage!

                                                                                Green Thumbs: Krombacher's committed to sustainability, using renewable energy and eco-friendly packaging. So you can enjoy your beer knowing you're not harming the planet.

                                                                                Ready for your own taste test? Grab a Krombacher and experience the German brewing mastery for yourself. It's a beer that's earned its place on any brew enthusiast's playlist. Prost!

                                                                                P.S. Don't forget to share your favourite Krombacher pairing in the comments! We went with the basics 😁


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