I'm practicing lucid dreaming more.

Every night, before I fall asleep, I give myself the intent to remember my dreams.

I place a pen and paper next to my bed, and when I wake up I try not to move too much so I don't dislodge the dream out of me. My memory is very sensitive during these key moments.

Not every dream is as vivid or even memorable. Sometimes, I wake up from a dream where I was working on an Excel spreadsheet; other times, I'm fighting a giant snake. Not all dreams are sticky to the subconscious, but each one is created equally. These are then brought in to inspire my work.

The important thing is to keep a consistent habit of remembering dreams and staying connected with the subconscious. I find myself very awake and ready for the day when I remember my dreams, so there have been some unintended side benefits too. The ultimate goal, once I have this being a common occurrence, would be to gain awareness in a dream and become lucid. I'll keep you updated for what might happen.

Thanks for reading. I'm Dragaan: a music artist sharing my journey. You can check out my music here: https://solo.to/dragaan