With backing from industry giants Binance, Chainlink, and Ethereum and an Airdrop in Feb

You don't want to sit this one out

Seize the moment by joining the $MIND testnet NOW

Let's dive right into the details👇🧵


What is Mind Network

A Zero Trust Layer, providing a security and data privacy solution

It attains genuine CrossFi scale, adhering to regulations while upholding Web3 principles

Leverages Fully Homomorphic Encryption with Stealth Address Protocol (FHE DK-SAP)


Let's begin testing the network and for that we first

Step 1 - Add Network to Wallet

Head to http://chainlist.org/chain/80001

Add Polygon Mumbai Testnet to your wallet


Step 2 - Claim test MATIC

Head to http://faucet.polygon.technology:

Connect Discord to join the server

Select Polygon PoS (Mumbai) and MATIC

Enter EVM wallet address

Click on Submit


Step 3 - Register on Mind

Head to http://dapptest.mindnetwork.xyz/overview

Connect your wallet

Sign txn and register


Step 4 - Make transfers

Head to http://dapptest.mindnetwork.xyz/transfer

Input the recipient address (you can use your own EVM address)

Specify the amount

Click on Transfer

Confirm txn

*Repeat steps


Step 5 - Scan transactions

Head to http://dapptest.mindnetwork.xyz/overview

Click on Scan

Sign the txn

Wait for scan to finish, unveiling your txns

*Repeat this step to accumulate more on-chain txns


Step 6 - Complete Zealy and Galxe Quests



Collect XP



Collect NFTs

Deadline 20th Feb'24


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