A word to everyone: "Curiosity changes the world", we are always a newcomer in front of curiosity.

2024 is the beginning of an epic bull market in crypto assets, and the biggest opportunity in this great era is the biggest pump of all the blockchain networks that are rebooting the asset protocol revolution.

The inscription revolution of the Bitcoin network, the ERC404 enlightenment of the Ether ecosystem, will be the year of symphonic resonance.

I expect that there will be even more amazing complex species that will emerge. Around it, all application layer infrastructure, including DEFI/NFT/GameFI/RWA, will have to be re-pushed. The judgments you've seen in the past, the conclusions you've formed, may all be wrong.

These are opportunities for newcomers. Empty yourself and become new again in the new year. And we need to learn to learn again, to fight, to act early, to take courage and to welcome what may have been meant for us in our destiny.

Wishing you all a prosperous Year of the Dragon