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  • Mastering web3 support: from basics to advanced strategies with expert insights on security πŸŒŸπŸ›‘οΈ
    • Unlock the power of 2024 : Cryptonewsz's guide to top web3 events πŸ“†πŸŒ

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      Mastering web3 support: from basics to advanced strategies πŸŒŸπŸ›‘οΈ

      Effective customer support management is crucial for success. 🌟 As the industry gears up for a potential bull run, now is the opportune moment to address this aspect. ⏰ Waiting until the surge in demand begins may result in overwhelmed teams and dissatisfied users. In this article, we explore a spectrum of customer support solutions, ranging from simple and cost-effective to advanced and more resource-intensive. πŸ’‘

      Basic Solutions (Very early project : less than 10 requests / day)

      1. Dedicated Email Address:

      Overview: Establishing a dedicated email address for customer inquiries, providing a straightforward communication channel.

      Advantages: Quick setup, easy accessibility, and low cost.

      Disadvantages: Limited scalability, potential for email overload, and challenges in tracking and prioritizing queries. πŸ“§

      2. Google Form or Typeform:

      Overview: Utilizing Google Forms or Typeform to collect and organize user inquiries through customizable forms.

      Advantages: User-friendly interfaces, straightforward implementation, and basic organization.

      Disadvantages: Manual handling required, potential for data entry errors, and limited automation capabilities. πŸ“πŸ”

      3. Dedicated Telegram Channel:

      Overview: Creating a dedicated Telegram channel for direct and real-time interaction with the community about issues.

      Advantages: Real-time communication and direct interaction.

      Disadvantages: Limited organization, potential for message clutter, and challenges in tracking historical conversations. πŸ“²πŸ—£οΈ

      Intermediate Solutions (Funded project : until 100 requests / day )

      4. Discord Ticketing System:

      Overview: Implementing a ticketing system within the Discord platform for organized query management.

      Advantages: Integration with Discord community, better organization with tickets, and some automation features.

      Disadvantages:Learning curve for users unfamiliar with the platform, potential for message overload, and limited customization options. πŸŽ«πŸ’¬

      We advise you to use Ticket Tool, which is the number 1 support bot on Discord, used on over 3 million Discord servers. There's a free version, and the paid version costs just $5.99 a month :

      Advanced Solutions (Scaling project : > 100 requests / day)

      5. Zendesk:

      Overview: Adopting a comprehensive customer support platform with a robust ticketing system, automation, and analytics.

      Advantages: Robust ticketing system, automated workflows, and in-depth analytics.

      Disadvantages: Higher cost, learning curve during implementation, and may be more advanced than necessary for smaller projects. πŸŽŸοΈπŸ“Š

      Chain Reaction saves you money: apply to the Zendesk Start-up program and get 6 months free:

      6. Intercom:

      • Overview: Utilizing Intercom for real-time communication, user data integration, and customizable automated responses.

        Advantages: Real-time communication, user data integration, and customizable automated responses.

        Disadvantages:Higher cost, may require more extensive team training, and potential for complex configurations. πŸ’¬πŸ”„

        Chain Reaction saves you money (again): apply now to the Intercom Early Stage Program and get 6 months free:

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        A support management expert gives us his advice in terms of security

        Tobie has worked on some very large web3 projects, including Opensea and Ternoa.

        Here are four key measures to fortify your support system:

        1- Ticketing System Vigilance

        When using a Discord ticketing system, prioritize the implementation of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for all admin and moderator accounts. Consider integrating tools like HashBot (developped by a former colleague of mine from the trust and safety team at Opensea), a bot designed to filter and ban users with suspicious names or impersonating admin figures. Its advanced features, such as recognizing admin profile pictures, provide an additional layer of security.

        2- Direct Messages Shutdown

        While direct messages may boost ego, they can pose security risks. Past vulnerabilities, such as image-based attacks, highlight the need to close DM channels. By restricting direct communications, you reduce the risk of falling victim to exploitation via compromised authentication tokens. And it’s clear that you will β€œnot DM first”, you will even not DM at all.

        3- Balanced AI Integration

        Leverage AI cautiously in your support processes. While AI serves as a valuable FAQ resource, avoid excessive reliance to mitigate potential data leaks. Human supervision remains essential, ensuring personalized and efficient assistance that transcends the capabilities of automated systems. Striking the right balance between AI and human expertise is crucial for a secure and customer-centric support environment.4- Ensure swift and quick response to your customers

        If you don't respond quickly to your customers' requests, you can be sure that a scammer will be happy to deal with them, putting them at risk.

        By adopting these measures, you can bolster the security of your CRM and foster a trustful and resilient customer support system.

        Useful tools you can integrate:

        -Mava, a web3 friendly AI powered CRM you can integrate on Discord, Telegram and your website,

        -Hashbot, the ultimate security guard of your discord server,


        Choosing the right customer support solution for a Web3 project involves finding a balance between current needs and future scalability. As the industry anticipates increased demand, implementing a thoughtful support system is a strategic move. Assessing the advantages and disadvantages of each solution can guide project managers in making informed decisions tailored to their specific requirements. πŸŒπŸ› οΈ


        Cryptonewsz’s Guide to 2024's Top Events!" πŸ“†

        There is a limit for Bitcoin supply…. but not for the number of web3 events.

        The Web3 sector is likely one of the industries with the highest number of trade fairs and conferences, hosting several hundred each year. πŸŒπŸŽ‰

        It's not easy for a Web3 project to target the right events and plan their expectations accordingly.

        In this context, we wanted to highlight the work of, which has prepared a complete calendar of all the events for 2024.

        You can easily filter based on your project's sub-domain:

        If you don’t have time, take advantage of their selection of must-attend events by sub-domain :

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