the speed of women
office hours
emotions fragmented like neon lights
anxiety playing with the body - the media with the mind -

what am I doing?
we share sorrows eating hamburgers

the band transforms into synthesizers
we are limbs
glasses of alcohol and late night walks

we are headphones
love story told in 3 minutes
smoke in and out of our lungs

the silence of a family lunch - entomological studies

store descriptions
merchandise and money

no one is afraid of the past anymore
virtual conversations

we keep the rhythm like cymbals
we share recipes
cab rides

a technicolor bike ride
the image fails - the tones blend together -
you can’t see
you surrender to the goodness of the wine
to editing and montage
to radioactive objects
branded sneakers

low quality Y2K aesthetics
we laugh at TV - we detest the police -

we create obsessions:
oriental minimalism and dreampop

we travel the world
drinking oolong tea with orange
we get lost - we stay in bed -