I'm one of the finalists at LFGHO hackathon

...and I developed Burra Vault, a facilitator within a vault that rebalances the interest rate automatically depending on real GHO price on market.

here a demo video and other info (you can do other stuff) https://www.youtube.com/live/tEKQqmg4-w8?si=xgWEM7AqvvGEi9lR&t=1253

While the Idea is not doable bc the GHO rate is directly determined by the governance, I thought I can adjust the scope of the project, making a facilitator that rebalances the quantity of collateral needed to mint GHO, instead of the rate (?).

My question then is: What kind of facilitator do you think can be beneficial for Aave community? What kind of mechanisms would you like to see implemented?