My first conversation with Christian Bühl wasn't anything special. It also didn't hint at a future, close collaboration. It all started with a discussion about pressing the second vinyl record for the band DEAD STAR TALK (= DST) titled "Solid State Chemicals." From pressing (see:, we moved on to distribution, introducing the band to the world of Web 3.0 and NFT, and making joint plans for the future.


Christian Bühl, born in Germany to Danish parents and raised in Belgium, is a co-founder and one of the two vocalists. He eventually settled in Hamburg, Germany. After a few conversations, we became somewhat close friends. Sometimes unexpected connections happen. You meet someone, and you feel like you've known each other for years. You understand that you carry ideas in your hearts that can only be realized together.

DEAD STAR TALK – Cultural-Musical Fusion!

DEAD STAR TALK is recognizable for its powerful and melodic guitar-based sound, and its roots are as diverse as its places of residence - Hamburg (Germany) and Copenhagen (Denmark). The band is led by two guitarist-vocalists: Christian Bühl, mentioned earlier, and Günes Kocak, born in Turkey, who escaped to Denmark at a young age and settled there. The rhythm section consists of Erik Jensen (bass guitar) and Claus Nielsen (drums) from Copenhagen, both born and raised in the Danish capital.

Dead Star Talk: from the left: Christian Bühl (guitar-vocals), Claus Nielsen (drums), Günes Kocak (guitar-vocals), Erik Jensen (bass)

Solid State Chemicals – Single

This is the second single from DEAD STAR TALK, previewing the album of the same title. The German critics' magazine "Classic Rock" acknowledged that the band has potential comparable to Oasis. There's something in that! It's clearly audible that DST has the blood of Britpop in its veins.

Mercedes W123

I'm listening to this track again, and I still enjoy discovering it. Perhaps because the song offers a wealth of layers. The nostalgically outlined acoustic contour is strongly felt, with a tambourine resonating in the background and a clear vocal line! The rhythm section and the second vocalist appear around 30 seconds in. The song transitions into a strong electric sound, and I no longer miss the nostalgia of the beginning! After the first minute, I feel like I'm riding in the back seat of a Mercedes W123. We're going quite fast, but it's really good. The car glides on the road, landscapes pass by the window, reminding me of gloomy moments in life, but now it's okay, I'm safe! I don't know if any of you have ever ridden in a "Puchatek," but it's an unforgettable experience! This song provides a similar feeling! The song lasts 3:33 seconds! Just the perfect length, and it's evident that the guys in the studio knew what they were doing.

The B. Brothers

The track is dynamic, clearly telling a story, and has a beginning, middle, and end! These frames make me feel like I know this song. Partly because it strongly reminds me of Oasis. In a personal interview, Christian openly admits that the Gallagher brothers have always been his great inspiration, and it's because of them that he started playing.

The Essence of the Song

Although the song doesn't belong to the "easy, light, and pleasant" category, I feel obligated to return to it. In the lyrics of this song, many of us can find reflections of our own experiences to a greater or lesser extent. Escaping from oneself, from reality into indulgences, into things, or into people is not a solution. Everyone, to some extent, grapples with fear and pain, but escaping doesn't solve them. As the author himself says: "maybe it would be wiser to think a bit more about oneself, but then there's this inner conflict between what should be done and what shouldn't be done. This song is also supposed to capture the spirit of that internal conflict that everyone experiences at times."


Solid State Chemicals – Single NFT

This is another band introduced to the world of WEB3 by Mr. Winyl and Polvinyl. This way, you can acquire a digital version of the single "Solid State Chemicals." On the website, you can buy one or up to five digital copies of this track. Blockchain solutions and NFT tokens allow artists to earn directly from their work. NFT restores creative freedom and provides new relationships and space for new experiences between musicians and fans.

Among these fifty NFTs hidden on is the hidden "GOLDEN EGG." The person who draws it will receive a vinyl record with autographs from all band members. Time is running out, as the album will be released on May 31, 2024.

What is Solid State Chemicals NFT?

It's a music file in lossless quality (master). You can download it, and with the NFT token, you can trade it on the secondary market (e.g., OpenSea). You will also receive an invitation to the band's secret Telegram. There, you can participate in private meetings with the band's fans.

DEATH STAR TALK album cover "Solid State Chemicals"

Solid State Chemicals - LP/Vinyl - Release Details

The album will be released on May 31, 2024, in a limited edition of 300 copies. The publisher is Massive92, the band's own label. The record will be pressed by POLVINYL, in Germany.

Technical Specifications

• Record: 140 grams, black vinyl.

• Cover: single, 350 grams, GC1.

• White paper inner sleeve.

• Price: PLN 85.99 + shipping cost in Poland / EUR 19.99 + international shipping cost

As Christian told me in a personal conversation: "We are not a well-known band, and we want the record to be affordable for as many people as possible."


The band is responsible for the cover and label design, prepared for printing by Angelika Bujak, Poland .

Music Production

Mixing,mastering, and recording are handled by the legendary Flemming Rasmussen. If this name means nothing to you, I'll add that Flemming produced three Metallica albums: "Ride The Lighting," "Master Of Puppets," and "And Justice For All." He had a huge impact on the shape of metal music worldwide. He is personally involved in this release and highly values the collaboration with DEAD STAR TALK.

DEAD STAR TALK Vinyl Production

The pressing will take place at our partner pressing plant R.A.N.D MUZIK. There, DMM matrices will be cut on the iconic Neumann VMS 82. Then, the DMMs will undergo galvanization, and we will press DST vinyl from the resulting stampers on Swedish semi-automatic machines, Alpha Toolex brand. I'll also add something very important: from this year onwards at R.A.N.D, we use the only electronic machine for centering holes in matrices in Europe, which ensures that the records are perfectly centered, and there is no annoying "wobbling" of the record!

Test Presses Test presses will be available at the end of February!

I am glad that together with Tomek, Mr. Vinyl, we are accompanying the Deat Star Talk team on this fantastic adventure and journey both in the world of Web 2.0 and in the world of Web 3.0.

And this is just the beginning! We have plenty of other ideas. And other music bands noticed our passion and fun for working in Web 3.0 and music NFTs!

Join us!