In the rapidly evolving world of music distribution, the emergence of platforms like presents a game-changing opportunity for independent artists. A prime example of this is the recent collaboration between DEAD STAR TALK and POLVINYL Records, marking a significant step into the realm of WEB3.


A bit of mathematics

Let's delve into the mathematics of this collaboration to understand why is a more advantageous platform for artists like DEAD STAR TALK compared to traditional streaming services like Spotify.

On, DEAD STAR TALK, On, DEAD STAR TALK, sold their music as follows:

- 18 Forever Edition NFTs priced at 0.000555 ETH each.

- 2 Limited Edition NFTs at 0.00777 ETH each.

The total earnings from these 20 NFTs amount to 0.025544 ETH. At an ETH price of $2210, this equals $56.45.

In contrast, on Spotify, the payment structure is vastly different. For 20 streams, an artist earns about $0.05. To match the $56.45 earned on, DEAD STAR TALK would need approximately 23,722 streams on Spotify.

Spotify is cooking food for its algorithms!

It's just beggining!

This stark difference highlights the potential benefits of WEB3 platforms for independent artists. While DEAD STAR TALK might not yet have the fanbase to sell 22,000 NFTs or achieve 22,000 streams, selling 20 NFTs is within their current reach. This is a significant consideration, especially for artists at the beginning of their WEB3 journey.

Moreover, DEAD STAR TALK's decision to work with Flemming Rasmussen, the renowned producer of three Metallica albums ("Ride The Lighting", "Master Of Puppets", and "And Justice for All"), promises a high-quality musical experience. This collaboration, coupled with the innovative distribution through POLVINYL Records, positions DEAD STAR TALK for potential success in the WEB3 space.

DEAD STAR TALK in Flemming Rasmussen's studio

In conclusion, platforms like offer a more lucrative and feasible model for independent artists in comparison to traditional streaming services. This is particularly true for emerging artists like DEAD STAR TALK, who are now stepping into the future of music distribution and production with promising prospects. The first clip from their second album, pressed and distributed by POLVINYL Records, is linked in the comments for those interested in experiencing the beginning of this exciting new era.

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