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  • Explore our top recruitment platforms to maximise your web3 top Talent research for the next bull run ⚡️👷
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      Our Top 3 Web3 Recruitment Platforms 🚀

      Sculpting the dream team is everything. ✨ Today I'd like to introduce you to our top 3 web3 recruitment sites and dive into the features and metrics that truly matter as a founder or a head of people. 🌐

      Let’s go !

      1- Web3 Jobs

      This platform is probably the biggest on the market, with 38,180 job offers in over 6,525 web3 projects. The site boasts over 585,000 visits per month. It's usually the one that comes up first when you do a Google search as a candidate. But is it really useful for recruiting?

      What we like :

      • The universe is really web3 in terms of design, in terms of shapes, colors and fonts. It's very clean and refined.
        • The number of job offers is huge - I counted a new hundred ones on the day I wrote this article.
          • A wide range of options to highlight and differentiate your job offer. Here are the options :

            Points of attention :

            If I'm a recruiter, I have the feeling that my offer is drowned in a colossal flow of offers and that I'm not visible at all. If we divide the number of monthly visitors by the number of job offers, we're looking at roughly 15 potential candidates per offer, which doesn't seem like much.

            It's not possible to post a job for free: the minimum fee without option is $199. That's business all right, but it's not really the web3 spirit we like to see...

            Conclusion :

            This site seems best suited to large web3 projects, which can spend between 500 and 1000 euros to make their offers stand out from the crowd. For this budget, why not hire a talent hunter for 2 or 3 days. That’s an open question.


            2- Cryptocurrency Jobs

            The site boasts a talent pool of around 100,000, with a total of 15,000 job offers already published in over 1,500 companies. This is a serious player that has been present in the ecosystem for 6 years already.

            What we like :

            • The site is very clear, a little more in the Web2 codes than Web3 Jobs, but I find that in the end it's easier to read.
              • The number of new daily offers is much more reasonable, only 7 for the day of January 17, for example. This allows you to be much more visible and to remain well positioned for several days.
                • The pricing is quite clear, not too many options. You can get interesting discount for multiples job offers :

                  Points of attention :

                  Same as Web3 Jobs, it's not possible to post a job for free: the minimum fee is $299.

                  The twitter account has 28 K subscribers but doesn't seem to be really exploited, as daily job postings generate little or no engagement.

                  Conclusion :

                  This site seems to be a better compromise between cost and visibility of your offer. Once again, it seems better suited to projects of a certain size, but can be tried out for smaller projects, at least for an initial offer.


                  3- Onchain jobs

                  Also a long-standing player in the ecosystem, with a 7-year presence in web3, Onchain jobs boasts an audience of around 10,000 users a month.

                  What we like :

                  The site is very clear and goes straight to the point, without trying to offer too many services.

                  The number of new daily offers remains under control, around ten per day, enabling your offer to remain on the front page for several days.

                  It’s one of the only sites that lets you publish your offer free of charge for 30 days. However, you can also sponsor your ad for 60 days with top visibility and a Linkedin and Twitter post. Cost is 190 €.

                  Points of attention :

                  There's very little to complain about on this site, which does the job !

                  Conclusion :

                  With its fremium offer, this site gives all sizes of web3 projects access to the publication of offers, without excluding smaller projects or those in the process of being launched. It's a challenger that should gain ground in the next bull run.

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                  A tool… to find tools 🔧🔍

                  In managing operations for a web3 business, we frequently establish manual processes due to the scarcity of tools tailored to the ecosystem.

                  However, the landscape is rapidly evolving, with new solutions emerging daily. We consistently monitor these developments to identify tools that could benefit our clients.

                  One of the most efficient methods to discover a tool that can save hours of time ⏳ is by exploring the Messari toolbox. You can check by filtering on the network and the kind of tools you need.

                  Messari is a leading company in the field of cryptocurrency analysis and research. It provides data, tools, and in-depth research to help investors, regulators, and the general public understand the complex market of digital assets. Founded on the principle of transparency, Messari aims to foster a clearer and more objective understanding of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

                  Submit your solution to Messari

                  Of course if your project is a B-to-B solution for DAO, you can submit your App with the “suggest tool” link. You will have to submit a short Typeform.

                  The Limits

                  Managing a list of over 400 applications can be challenging. It is essential to verify that the app you wish to use is still operational.

                  🚨 Utilizing a dApp with an unmaintained smart contract could lead to significant issues or losses. 🚨

                  We hope that it will help !

                  If you don’t find the perfect way to deal with your workflow, don’t hesitate to ask us for some help in the comments 💬.


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