Just coming to t2; another new place to share my experiential learning, diving down all these different 🐇 🕳️ . Most days, I feel overwhelmed, the learning curve at times seems to be too complicated to understand. Although I have been familiar, “around”, for a few days, I have found some of the new socials I have encountered take some time to learn.

I started in the 70s, and 80s, when your phone line / landline was your connection to the internet 🛜. All we did was say hello world and there was pong, the game you connected to your T.V., in black and white. I will spare you the good old days speech.

I do not have t2 points to pay to become a member of a territory yet so I write, on the outskirts, looking into the rooms. I am sure there’s more to it all, as in, building, growth, etc. I look forward to learning and being a part of t2.

The new socials monetized systems can be confusing. I am 63 years old, not a virtual native, and with limited computer skills. I’m amazed I am even writing on this site. The vocabulary initially was foreign.
When I first got to Phaver and they simply had post, get tokens ?points? I got that. THEN cred, levels and it felt very confusing to me. Being told I need to post more or that I have no cred. It reminded me of the Discord communities that wanted me to play games, or be in a space and get to certain levels to “unlock” a friggin chat room.

I’m old, I get that. What peaks my interest and desire is not the same as some of those here in the new world of “Web3”. I don’t want to get set aside. I am here. I’m adapting, best as I can.
The whole purpose of me creating Onboard60 two years ago was to encourage other older people to get onboard. Sadly, most I’ve encountered want to stay off digital devices and I dare not mention crypto, or there are those in “Web3” in their Twitter Instagram bubble and not brave or willing to venture across the rainbow, the luscious, green garden, into the land of the decentralized socials.
I myself use both centralized and decentralized socials and over time I am gravitating more towards the decentralized ones. The learning curve is difficult, however, knowing this can be a way of life, I prefer the decentralized socials.
My first few months on decentralized socials was difficult, especially on Nostr. A couple of years ago I watched NostraRica and I was intrigued. I had been on socials for years and in “Web3” for a moment or two. When I signed up, there were nubs, relays and sats, Alby and nests. 😳
I was under water to say the least. Over the years it got easier and I went to nests( live spaces) had convos with people, and added a relay or two. However due to my lack of self custody, when I got a new phone, I didn’t have my private key for Nostr to recognize / open on the new phone. I recently started a new account. 😑
Cross posting has helped but can be confusing. At first I didn’t get it. I would like a post on one social and the same post on another social. I would post the same posts on all the socials too, lol. 😂

Starting new with anything takes time, a learning curve. I fumbled and still fumble. I don’t know what I’m doing half the time. Most times, I get aha moments of clarity days later. My activity and amount of engagement will grow as I learn.

The definition of collect is simple but the concept was confusing to me. Now? I will repost( mirror) and collect (buy a post/NFT) and do it on the right mainnet.
Mainnets are a different story. Avalanche and me got a history. I also could share my fubar of social accounts and crypto wallets but that I will save for another entry.
What was even my point, you ask? First to say hello world and that I am here.
I also wanted to share that we are all here making history in our own way. Let’s keep holding each other up and remember to bring your normie family members, friends, onboard the masses.
We will not get mass adoption by staying where we are, we need to go where they are. You brought me here😎

Share your stories! Share your experiences, joys and stuck points. Were ya recited? Scammed? Have a fabulous experience with some fabulous frens a long the way. SHARE THEM, they’re historical and when we look back, some may be hysterical.

Thanks for letting my write on t2. I look forward to sharing more of what’s happening, my experiences, achievements and wild and crazy fubars.

I am Samm

Sandra, Sababa

Onboard60 Founder

Author of : Web3, A.I, & The Metaverse & A Handbook for Noobies

An old woman looking for my mojo.