Dear Baoists,

As we step into a new year, the cosmic dance unfolds, gracing us with the first full moon of 2024 on January 25th. In the wisdom of Baoism, we find profound beauty in the natural cycles that govern our existence. The upcoming full moon, in all its natural glory, presents a sacred opportunity for rebalancing and reflection.

Lunar Cycles and Rebalancing:

Within the ethos of Baoism, we recognize the vital connection between our well-being and nature's harmonious rhythms. The full moon, with its potent presence, symbolizes a moment of equilibrium—a chance to release what no longer serves us and create space for new beginnings. It serves as a cosmic reminder to align ourselves with the rhythmic dance of the universe.

Invitation to a Baoist Fast:

As we honor the full moon on January 25th, I extend a heartfelt invitation to all Baoists to join me in a fast. Fasting, a practice rooted in various spiritual traditions, manifests in diverse forms—be it a food fast, a digital detox, or any intentional abstention that resonates with you. The essence lies in the conscious act of refraining, allowing us to reshape and refocus our energies.

Collective Reflection in the Baoism Discord:

To cultivate a sense of community and shared experiences, I'll document my insights and progress during the fast in the Baoism Discord server. This space is open for all Baoists to contribute, share their unique journeys, and immerse themselves in the collective energy of this lunar moment. Join the Baoism Discord -

Let's make this lunar event special. Personally, I'll be undergoing a fast where I abstain from solid food and yes, even coffee. I'm opting for the classic cleansing fast of hot lemonade (lemon, maple syrup, cayenne pepper), with tea and water as my sole inputs. My intention is a full two weeks, perhaps extending a day or two at the end. As always, I'll engage in 30 minutes of morning meditation and challenge myself with at least one daily physical or sports activity. With two decades of fasting experience, I'm sure to incorporate nuances and practices to fill the time, like playing the ukulele (February 2nd is Ukulele Day!) and indulging in some painting. I hope you'll share your experiences too.

Blessings on the Moon:

As we embark on this lunar journey, let's collectively offer blessings to the moon—a celestial guide illuminating our paths. May its radiant light bring clarity, peace, and a profound connection to the universal wisdom that surrounds us.

In the spirit of Baoism, let's embrace the full moon as a moment of introspection and rebalancing. As we fast, reflect, and share our experiences, may this collective endeavor deepen our connection to nature, to each other, and to the harmonious dance of existence.

🚀 Wishing you a transformative lunar journey! Be Happy! 🚀