As the politeness require here's the introduction of whool protocol avaible on

The whool protocol is an on-chain URL shortener powered by Optimism. It allows for the creation of custom short URLs, referred to as "whools," which are minted as ERC721 perpetual NFTs.

the whool leading to "a whooly journey" prompt

Each shortened url is leading to a destination link preview page to had security but also with a NFT displayed.

What is this weird name ?

whool is the mix between :

  • wh questions (who, what, where etc) meaning the content of the link you want to shorten.
    • wool which represent the web linking the content.

      How does the whool protocol work?

      whool application
      • Users can input the URL they want to shorten and have the option to select a custom whool or go with a random one.
        • After minting their whool, users can share their short link.
          • Visitors who click on the short link will see a preview of the final destination link as well as a random recently minted Zora NFT.
            • If needed the creator can edit the final destination URL at any time
              Link preview screen

              Earning with the whool protocol:

              There are two ways to earn with the whool protocol:

              1. Share referral whool links: Users can earn by sharing their referral whool link.
                1. Minting from short URLs on whool or Zora: Users can earn 30% of custom whool minting fees on whool and standard Zora fees on ZORA.

                  Difference between custom and random whools:

                  • Random whools: These have a random string as the short link and can be minted for free, with only gas fees. The referrer receives 70% of the short link's earnings, while the protocol receives 30%.
                    • Custom whools: Users can choose their own whool, but there is a fee of 0.001 ETH plus gas. The referrer receives 90% of the short link's earnings, while the protocol receives 10%.


                      whools are standard ERC-721 NFT so any developer can use them in order to build another application covering any usecases that is relevant and this is encouraged by the referral fees allowed the developer earning 30% of any custom whool minted in application.

                      Additional features:

                      • To provide whool owners with information on their short URL usage, the protocol has integrated the privacy-first analytics tool called GoatCounter. There is an open dashboard available for transparency.
                        • The whool protocol is open-source under the MIT license, and the application is just one use case of the protocol. Developers interested in using whools NFTs are welcome to contribute and will earn 30% of custom whools minted.
                          • It's important to note that the contract for the whool protocol has not been audited.

                            Thanks for reading, can't wait to see your custom whools !

                            website :

                            twitter: @whoolprotocol