The feeling of emptiness, as if all the best opportunities pass by, bypass, entice, but still leave aside their juicy gifts in the form of bonuses, APR, airdrops. How not to fall for the hook of bold offers and promises of getting rich in a month. A smart person (and I hope we are all smart) knows and anticipates that there are no free lunches in mouse traps. In blockchain and WEB3, as in any entrepreneurial sphere, a strategy, calmness, and understanding are needed for where you invest your time and money, because in the pursuit of quick enrichment, one can ultimately lose everything. I agree that there are lucky cases, but if you are willing to take such risks, then go ahead. I adhere to more organic means of growth. Some trees need from one to 100 years to grow. Vegetables, fruits, animals, everything on this planet requires energy and nourishment. Your energy on the Internet is your time and your money, that is, your attention and what you risk. Understand the limits of your pain, your endurance. If you are willing to lose large sums every day and continue to enjoy such investments, then this is your path. If you are a more calm person and are not ready to risk all (or part of) your accumulated capital for a long time, then research and invest in reliable assets that may not grow as quickly, but will steadily grow during the bullish cycle of 2024-2025(26). In this section, we will exclusively explore the sphere of blockchain technologies and WEB3. In my opinion, this is a great opportunity for young people (and not only) to gain innovative experience and the possibility of relatively quick enrichment. Over the years of a bullish market, with smart investing, one can gain a very good income. So the first sprouts of ideas that I am ready to offer you in this article is a calm, conservative portfolio considering the risks. Just buy now and hold for 2 years.


You can create your own portfolio. In this case, use


to choose from the top 10 coins, familiarize yourself with the capitalization, the number of tokens, and the ecosystem. You can also choose an ecosystem section (DeFi, Metaverse, NFT) and after familiarizing yourself, choose the top 5 from each section that you like. Build a portfolio of 7-10 tokens. Buy and forget for 2 years. Then come back and sell a portion. Buy real estate from the profit (if any). Understand that this is a risk and you are risking your own money, and therefore your own future. Be vigilant. This bullish market will last until 2024-2025. Take responsibility for your actions. Not financial advice. I have been actively investing since 2021. I have gone through a bear market. I hope for a good harvest. See you!