Disclaimer: This review contains spoilers for "Defiant," the fourth and final book in Brandon Sanderson's "Skyward" series.

Brandon Sanderson's "Defiant" brings a gripping and satisfying conclusion to the "Skyward" series, a journey that has captivated readers with its blend of sci-fi adventure and deep character exploration.

"Defiant" sees Spensa Nightshade, our intrepid hero, facing her greatest challenges yet. The novel intricately weaves Spensa's internal struggles with her role as a defender against the enigmatic and dangerous delvers. Her growth is palpable as she grapples with the weight of her responsibilities and her evolving cytonic powers. Spensa's journey is both personal and epic, marked by moments of introspection and decisive action.

A poignant aspect of the narrative is Jorgen's ascent to the role of DDF admiral. This development mirrors the series' themes of leadership and sacrifice. Jorgen's reluctant acceptance of this duty provides a stark contrast to Spensa's combat-driven instincts, underscoring the diverse paths of heroism the series explores.

"Defiant" excels in its detailed depiction of the strategic and political complexities of the war against the Superiority. The tense discussions, strategic planning, and the array of alien alliances enrich the storyline, offering a broader view of the interstellar conflict that has been a series hallmark.

The novel also delves deeply into Spensa's relationships with her friends and allies. These interactions add emotional depth and provide a counterbalance to the action-packed narrative. Spensa's dynamics with characters like M-Bot and Doomslug are both heartwarming and pivotal to the story's progression.

In conclusion, "Defiant" is not just a culmination of the "Skyward" series but a testament to Sanderson's skill in crafting a universe that is as emotionally resonant as it is thrilling. The book provides a fitting end to Spensa's journey, satisfying long-time fans and undoubtedly leaving new readers yearning for more adventures in this richly imagined world.

Apparently we're getting three more books, let's wait and see.

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