Journal #003

Ok, this post was supposed to start examining the concept of perspective but I don't have the Tate Sketchbook with me today so it will have to wait. I love that you can only get it at the museum - excited that I kept my copy. Instead, we will drop this Daniel Bell quote.

“Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination."

This Artizen Fund season closes in exactly 7 days, which is so soon! My focus over this time is to hone in on the objectives and key results for both the online and Stockholm events this April. And to start sharing some demos and drafts for the project

One piece that will shape what we build will be some upcoming meetings I have with the local AI and Tech ecosystem in Stockholm. When it comes to the workshops and panels, I want to make sure we have the most informed opinion of what's valuable. The nuance of culture means we all globally adopt technology, but exactly how it enters society as a whole is still guided by local decision-makers. Local advocates also help spearhead the transfer of knowledge. For instance, ChangersTech is someone I'm looking forward to talking with about our programming.

I've also been thinking about cross-cultural exchanges, talking with some of the local team in CDMX from the previous Metaversité. It would be awesome to bring two professionals to Stockholm in the fields of art, food, or tech to join the conversation.

  • Things we want to accomplish next 7 days
    • Valuable Workshops /Panels for Creatives
      • AI Sketchbooks for online (build in progress)
        • DMX Cross-cultural exchange (in discussion)
          • Mona space (in the design phase)
            • Console (invites being sent)
              • Make new artifacts (maybe do a Lens exclusive (?) ...also airdrop to existing collectors)
                • Make social content (type 1: videos explaining concept / type 2: explaining the event)
                  • Start collecting community in Console

                    Feel organized.... time to do some executing!