True LoveIn the beginning, love is always sweet.As time is slipping away, boredom, be used to, abandonment, loneliness, despair and cold smile will come gradually.Once being eager to stay with someone forever, later, we would felicitateourselves on leaving him/her.During those transient days, we thought we loved him/her deeply.Then, we got to know it is not love but a lie by which we comfort ourselves.

It is turned out that those who you thought you could not lose, actually, it is not very hard to forget them. You drained up your tears, there will be another one pleasing you.You had plunged yourself into a depression, finally, you found those who do not love you are not worthy of your sadness.Recalling those unhappy things, is it a comedy? When your wrong love

stops its steps, a brand-new world will be shown to you. All sadness will become history

For love, imagination is often more beautiful than reality. The same with meeting, also with separation. We thought we would have a deep love toward somebody. Incoming days will let you know in fact it just is very shallow, very shallow.The most deep and heaviest love must grow up with days.With love, two strangers can suddenly be familiar with each other that they sleep on the same bed. However, this two similar people,While breaking up, say, “I think you are more and more strange to me” It is love that has two strangers become acquaintances, then turning the two acquaintances into strangers again.Love is such kind of game which makes two strangers become lovers, then return them into the original situation.