A novice view on Tenet by C.Nolan from an original X post during summer 2023, not long after the release of Oppenheimer in Theatres.

When analyzing the film "Tenet," it becomes evident that it incorporates the concept of chiaraobscuro, playing with shadow zones in its characters, story, and concept. This article will delve into the various aspects of the film that contribute to its chiaraobscuro effect and discuss its implications on the overall viewing experience.

  1. Christopher Nolan's Photography:Christopher Nolan's previous works have often showcased his inclination towards the chiaraobscuro effect. In "Tenet," this trend continues, with the film's costumes, photography, and actors all contributing to the play between light and shadow.
    1. Conceptual Orientation: One criticism often directed towards Nolan's recent films is their heavy focus on visual concepts, sometimes at the expense of character development and storytelling. "Tenet" aligns with this trend, emphasizing its conceptual orientation, which further enhances the chiaraobscuro effect.
      1. Unexplained Elements:Despite careful observation, there are always parts of the film that remain unexplained, intentionally left in the dark . This adds to the mysterious and enigmatic nature of the story, keeping the audience intrigued and engaged throughout.
        1. Representation of Knowledge:Throughout the film, the protagonist continuously learns new things, pushing the boundaries of understanding, but many aspects still remain in the shadows . This mirrors the experience of discovering something new or exploring a new universe, as depicted in films.

          Conclusion:"Tenet" serves as a perfect example of a chiaraobscuro film, with its consistent use of shadow and light, conceptual orientation, unexplained elements, and representation of knowledge. Christopher Nolan's mastery in creating a visually captivating and intellectually stimulating experience is evident in this film.

          What do you think of this point of view in order to analyse Tenet ?