Think about our place in this hypothetical interstellar competition. By some scientific theories, Earth could well be within the top 20% of developed worlds given the age of the universe and the probability of our evolution.

Yet, despite our technological advancements, we're still in the early stages of cosmic exploration. Think about it – we made it to the moon and then, somewhat anticlimactically, our grand space endeavors seemed to lose momentum. The vision of constructing expansive space bases or venturing deeper into the cosmos has, so far, remained a pipedream. This situation must be somewhat frustrating for hypothetical cosmic observers 😂.

They might see humanity's initial lunar expeditions as a promising start, only to watch us shift our focus away from further space exploration. If reaching the center of the universe is indeed the ultimate goal in this 'game of life,' one could argue that we are not exactly on the path to victory. This brings me to a new reason for us to do better... Just in case this is a race!

If the entire world united, with every nation and individual working collaboratively towards this singular goal of finding the center... We could win the whole damn thing! Imagine a scenario where global resources, intellect, and efforts are pooled together, not for war, territorial gains, or economic dominance, but for the collective aim of winning this cosmic race.

This unified approach could revolutionize our technological advancements, foster unprecedented international cooperation, and redefine our understanding of life's purpose.

Are we content to be a footnote in the annals of the universe, or do we aspire to be more? The answer might lie in how seriously we take the game, and how effectively we can play it together.