Swapping in Fusion mode: How to perform Fusion swaps using the 1inch dApp, the 1inch Wallet, or both


Decentralized finance (DeFi) has revolutionized the way we transact and manage our digital assets. One of the most popular DeFi protocols is 1inch, which provides users with access to various decentralized exchanges (DEXs). With their recent announcement of Fusion protocol, 1inch has introduced an innovative solution for liquidity aggregation using both on-chain and off-chain components. In this article, we will explore how to perform Fusion swaps using the 1inch dApp, the 1inch Wallet, or both.

What is Fusion Mode?

Fusion mode is a unique feature introduced by 1inch that combines the benefits of both traditional on-chain DEX trading and off-chain order book solutions. It enhances liquidity and reduces slippage by splitting large orders into smaller chunks, executing them on multiple DEXs, and combining them into the best possible price for the user. This technology significantly improves the trading experience and ensures users get the best value for their assets.

Performing Fusion Swaps using the 1inch dApp:

1inch provides an intuitive and user-friendly dApp that allows users to access Fusion swapping capabilities. To perform a Fusion swap using the 1inch dApp, follow these steps:

1. Visit the 1inch website at https://1inch.io/ and navigate to the dApp section.
2. Connect your wallet to the 1inch dApp (supported wallets include MetaMask, WalletConnect, and others).
3. Select the tokens you wish to swap from and to in the input fields.
4. Specify the amount you want to swap or use the "Max" button to exchange your entire balance.
5. Choose the desired slippage tolerance level.
6. Click on the "Swap" button to initiate the Fusion swap process.

Performing Fusion Swaps using the 1inch Wallet:

1. Install the 1inch Wallet extension for your preferred browser.
2. Set up your wallet by creating a new wallet or importing an existing one.
3. Once your wallet is set up, navigate to the "Swap" section in the 1inch Wallet.
4. Select the tokens you want to swap and the desired amount.
5. Set the slippage tolerance as per your preference.
6. Confirm the transaction and approve the swap.
7. The 1inch Wallet will automatically perform the Fusion swap using the 1inch protocol and provide you with the best possible price.

The 1inch Wallet is another convenient option to perform Fusion swaps. It is an extension built on top of the 1inch protocol and provides a seamless and secure way to manage and trade your assets. Here's how you can use the 1inch Wallet for Fusion swaps:

Using both the 1inch dApp and the 1inch Wallet:

If you prefer, you can also use both the 1inch dApp and the 1inch Wallet for Fusion swaps. The seamless integration between these two platforms allows you to have a versatile trading experience while ensuring maximum flexibility and convenience.


The Fusion mode introduced by 1inch has brought liquidity aggregation to a new level, providing users with enhanced trading experiences and better prices for their token swaps. Whether you choose to use the 1inch dApp, the 1inch Wallet, or both, you can confidently perform Fusion swaps and optimize your trading activities. To learn more about Fusion swaps and the underlying technology, you can refer to the articles linked below:

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